Prescott Place directed by Peilin Kuo

PRESCOTT PLACE, an independent film short inspired by classic Hollywood thrillers, is set to premiere at The 7TH ANNUAL BIG APPLE FILM FESTIVAL in New York City on November 3, 2010. Set in the early 1940’s, PRESCOTT PLACE, tells the story of JANE (ALEXIS IACONO – WINNER – BEST ACTRESS – THE SAGE THEATRE AWARD) a once famous child star driven into seclusion after a disfiguring accident on set and living alone in an eerie country house. Her only companion is a look-a-like toy doll named BABY DOLL (also performed by ALEXIS IACONO). Both spend 10 years, dwelling in the past and longing for the return of HER LOVER (MARC BALFOUR). Upon his return, he discovers a powerful bond between JANE and BABYDOLL. A dangerously romantic triangle ensues – the likes of which will forever alter this reality and the next.

After she is disfigured in an accident on set, a young actress (Jane) secludes herself in a remote country house, her only companion a Baby Doll made in her likeness. For ten years she hides there, dwelling on the past and longing for the return of her Lover. When the Lover finally does return, he discovers a strange and powerful bond between Jane and her Baby Doll. He wants out but Jane won’t let go… Can Jane escape her self-imposed exile without destroying her Lover- or herself?

PRESCOTT PLACE will premiere at THE 7TH ANNUAL BIG APPLE FILM FESTIVAL on November 3, 2010 at 8:30 PM at Tribeca Cinemas (Theatre 2) at 54 Varick St. (corner of Canal Street) in New York, NY. Tickets are $20 per program (5-6 films per program) and include admission to closing night party on Saturday, November 6, 2010 at Tribeca Cinemas Reception Lounge. Tickets go on sale October 11, 2010 online at PRESCOTT PLACE running time is 23 minutes shot on location in New York City. The film is written/produced/directed by Peilin Kuo. Starring Alexis Iacono and Marc Balfour. Produced by Rachel Lu and Michelle Mensah. Cinematography by Lance Kaplan. Special Effects by Jesse Spiro. Costume Design by Allison Dent. Original Music by Michael Montes.

Prescott Place trailer

More about Prescott Place

PRESCOTT PLACE is an ode to the best of Hollywood classics like WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE, SUNSET BOULEVARD, and THE TWILIGHT ZONE in mixing the supernatural and the macabre. Shot in High Definition and incorporating both black & white and color, Director Peilin Kuo (Winner – 2009 Int’l Film Festival Mexico, Winner – ‘08 ‘I LOVE NY’ Short Film Festival, Official Selection at ’06 Sundance Film Festival) and Special Effects Designer Jesse Spiro, use CGI technology to produce BABY DOLL with incredible life-like precision. Cinematographer Lance Kaplan captures the glossy beauty of the era, while Music Composer, Michael Montes (Composer for Academy Award Nominated film “One Day Crossing”) original score is melodramatically sweeping and eerily haunting.

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