Rollercoaster by Sam Ock

Rollercoaster by Sam Ock

2010 ISA Breakout performer Sam Ock released a new original track “Rollercoaster”. It’s about facing suffering and pain with strength and a smile, and how the greatest and deepest fellowship man can have with each other is empathy gained through suffering. Life is rollercoaster and definitely has some ups and downs but the great thing about the lows is that some people can relate to you in ways others can’t. The song is pretty deep and also displays Sam Ock’s various musical talents.

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Rollercoaster by Sam Ock

Lyrics to Rollercoaster by Sam Ock

i wish i could say
that i’m an honest human being
that what you’re really seeing is the truth

but times go and change
i really don’t know what i’m feeling
the one thing that i know is that i’m with you

i know there’s pain
’cause life, it aint so easy
and people go and leave you all alone

and i can’t complain
i’ve been blessed with many things
and in the end i know that i’ll be home, i’ll go home

*let the bad times roll
’cause I’m with you
and you’re with me
let the bad times roll
’cause we’re together
and that’s all that matters to me

and i gotta say
fellowship in pain is a kind that never fades away
which is why i don’t fight it, i let it come
the peace i recieve when it’s over is a different one
for the lack of better words, it’s “intimate”
a bad time will show me all my pride and it’ll murder it
you’ve heard of it, right? the sound of a soul cry
so much louder when there’s someone else by its side
so my brothers and my sisters when you see it coming
the wave of pain, stand firm, stop your running
i think we all agree that it can’t be stopped
but if we all hold our breath than how can we not
share in this connection, this empathy
so much stronger than our good times through anything
personally, i think that it’s a better day
when the light shines and i see the darkness run away


(synth solo)

sometimes they say
about the things you’re keepin
you don’t know what you got until it’s gone

but i’m here to stay
of course until i’m leaving
’til life, it calls it quits and then i fall

i know there’s a way
to eternity in heaven
for i will say that jesus is my truth

a smile on my face
yes, that’s what i’ll be keeping
when all is through, i’ll come home back to you
i’ll come home back to you!! =)

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