Coffee & Snow 2 by Blue Scholars

Coffee & Snow 2 by Blue Scholars

Blue Scholars released the sequel to their song “Coffee & Snow“. It snowed again in their Seattle hood, so the made another track entitled, what else, “Coffee & Snow 2.” It’s a fun video to see what Geo does when it snows from slipping on ice to playing Starcraft. If you’re trapped in the snow too, you can relate to this track from the Blue Scholars.

You can listen to the track and download it below

It comes in three flavors Coffee & Snow 2 (yellow), Coffee & Snow 2 (White), and Bărf Riddim (beats only). Play the Yellow Snow version in your car, play the White Snow version on the radio. BTW – don’t eat yellow snow.

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Coffee & Snow 2 by Blue Scholars (contains profanity)

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