Waiting by Manny Garcia

Waiting by Manny Garcia

Manny Garcia release a new original song “Waiting”. The song is for anyone who has lost, never found, or is still searching for love. This is just one of the tracks that will be on his new album. With his upcoming album, Manny Garcia needs your help. Here’s a statement from him:

Being an independent artist means having to do everything yourself. Besides writing and arranging all the music, I take care of production, funding, design…everything pretty much! All money I make from CD sales and shows goes right back into music–mostly into new equipment better able to handle a full-band recording setup. And even that isn’t enough, which is why I need your help!

This Kickstarter is a way of you getting involved, too! You’ve all supported me greatly over the past year, and I’d love for you to be a part of this album’s journey! From your name printed in the credits, to hearing the tracks fresh off of being recorded, to old-fashioned goodie-bags of stuff; I’d love for you to be a part of this with me!

So thank you for your contributions, and let’s make beautiful music!

You can support Manny Garcia here. You might just get one his Glee inspired tracks on the album like True Colors x Defying Gravityor Imagine
Waiting by Manny Garcia

Lyrics to Waiting by Manny Garcia

Love, what you been doin’?
Why did you go when,
When I really needed you to stay?
And love, when I think that you’ve found me
And I’m within your boundaries,
You just seem to want to go away

See, you walk right in and you go to my head
You leave just as fast and my heart breaks instead
And I want to run from you love,
But there’s no breaking free,
You’ve got this hold on me

Love, what are you doing to me?
I can’t play all your games
‘Cause they all end the same
With me always beggin’ you please not to go
Love, you know I’m ready this time
I’ve been here patiently
With my heart on my sleeve
Just waiting for you to come by

Oh, love, where are you hiding?
Or are you deciding
That I’m not too comfortable just yet?
But love, I’ll tell you that I am
My heart is in your hands
I ain’t gonna stop till you know that I am
Ready to…

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