Without You by AJ Rafael

Without You by AJ Rafael
AJ Rafael released another original track called “Without You”. The love song will touch your heart. The song is definitely a winner. In fact he got more than 500 like within 5 minutes before this video was even posted on YouTube. He’s planning to pitch the song for R&B group Ahmir to sing on their upcoming album. Hopefully, we’ll see it there.

Speaking of albums, AJ Rafael is working on his first album. With song like Without You, When We Say (Juicebox), MidKnight, I Just Want You, (500) Days, and We Could Happen, how can you not support his album.

Update: You can get this song on Without You - Red Roses or amazon. It’s off the Red Roses album.

Update: the music video for Without You is now out.

Without You by AJ Rafael

Without You by AJ Rafael (higher quality version)

Lyrics to Without You by AJ Rafael

bucket full of tears
bb know im here
im here waiting

just close ur precious eyes
and just realize
im still fighting

for you to be with me
sit under this tree
and we can watch the sunrise

wake up feel the air that im breathin
i cant explain this feeling that im feelin
i wont go another day without you
hold on i promise its gets brighter
when it rains i’ll hold you even tighterr
i wont go another day without you

i know ur feelin down
like no ones around
but baby ur wrong

just get rid of the fear
promise that im here
i’ll never be gone

so baby come with me
we can fly away and we can see the
stars shine

and baby you can be my love

this is me tonight
no more games and no more lies
and i know its right
cuz of the way you look into my eyes
and when i hold you tight
the worries dissapear im glad ur in my life

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