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Agents of Secret Stuff Alternate Endings

Agents of Secret Stuff Alternate Endings

Before Thanksgiving, Ryan Higa and Wong Fu Productions released the film Agents of Secret Stuff. The no budget film already has over 3.5 million views and climbing. It was even profiled on the YouTube homepage.

Under a shroud of secrecy, a bunch of alternative endings to Agents of Secret Stuff has been released. Alternative endings were all over the place from settling differences over tea to death by gunfire to an all around slap fest. Which ending was your favorite? See Ryan as Aden, D-trix as Melvin, and Arden as Taylor run through scenes that didn’t make the final cut.

Agents of Secret Stuff Alternate Endings

K.i.D Cypher – Round 8

K.i.D Cypher - Round 8

In K.i.D. cypher round 8, R Productions delivers the beats once again. Jumping in on this track are Ben Jamz, Lil Crazed, Ace, Dee, Phlip, Eazy, and special guest Alyssa Marie. Tight flows across the board. Alyssa Marie burning up the mic. You can download it FREE here. Also check out K.i.D Cypher – Round 3 , K.i.D Cypher – Round 4, K.i.D Cypher – Round 5, and K.i.D Cypher – Round 6

K.i.D Cypher – Round 8 (contains profanity)

Lyrics to K.i.D Cypher – Round 8

(Ben Jamz)
mannnnn this beat is gettin dismenated
boy these rappers losin joints body parts is seperated
like a fuckin lesy these pussies i met i done i ate it
instrumentals hide out from me wen im on it known ta slay it
uh huh get cha pen & paper jot these notes
lettermen jacket round my verses so u jock these flows
still they searchin for the cons they forgot the pros
so i give a fuck about the critics treat u like these hoes
uh & u better pay attention preachin to the choir & i run this mic
like the reverand best believe i sneeze on the beat tryna get a blessin
if u cant stand the heat get the fuck up out my ketchen hell yea
im in booth bakin songs with santan
but my words heaven sent, out this world, jus spacin…
tell these old ass rappers take a vacation
like a good doctor to my fans im never outta patients

I’m on it like Sonic I’m dropping bomb shit in the rings man,
A new saga and genesis but still known as the king man,
I hold it down for Sota, on my shoulder that’s a fact boy,
On the track, I pop like Coke-a-Cola, that’s crack boy,
I don’t need the doe to show that this a piece of cake,
I got more lines up in my mind than Twilight’s release date,
I’m that on, fighting haters more than Capcom
The way I’m grinding all the time, you’d think I shop at Pacsun
I spit it nice, smooth like kids slippin on ice,
I don’t need a SINGLE to make the world wanna hear n listen twice
I grip the mic, formulate it to fatality,
Turn my dream into ya nightmare now its just reality
Took crown and throne on my own, now known, and see i have been honored since,
The only catch up (ketchup) haters gon’ see is a form of condiments
when I hit that door, and I spit that flow,
still make them hits that glow,
So all the girls clothes just hit the flow,
Gimme X and O like tic tac toe

From the land of 10,000 lakes,
Yea imma Viking.
Im paint yall a picture,
Visuals are striking.
I see the hate,
But all yall jus typing.
Everybody bangs our shit,
Skip yours like its by-week.
You say your on our level,
talk is cheap, I dunt buy it.
On that Toyota tip,
couldn’t stop us if you tried it.
Movin fast, but we got traction.
What can I say its in our genes (jeans)
Them other doods is slaccin.
Call it a fetish.
I love getting paid.
No KG you will never see me fade away.
Picaso of the game,
I go hard in the paint.
Im far from them lames,
Grab a ruler,
Get it straight.
im a menace to society,
larenz tate.
But this aint a movie,
Aint nobody smoking ace.
Done w/ the beef brother,
I already ate.
Focused on droppin that heat brother,
Dwayne wade


(Alyssa Marie)
they can try but no one taking the thrown I hold when I show the nation
hope and motivation to grow, when I know they so impatient
waiting for the moment they promised, it’s so ironic
I’m dropping knowledge in lyrics but flow is stupid, they show ‘platonic’
love, ‘no fuckin’, they got a ‘buzz’? so what
cuz my flow is Raid, I show up and unload and spray, I dont trust em
I know they fake, I been so calm, no longer will I let it go on
prolonging the fact, but I hold on, when I got no rights left, and its so wrong
get it? better go long this shit is over your head now
so was that though, it’s only a let down
yall thinking it’s ok but I KO these hoes, and there wont be a next round
said vows to the game, cliche but it’s okay, we play no games
aint no time for the he say she say, in a weak lane hes ‘C grade cocaine’
but I’m ‘pure dope’.. lame? oh well
everyone know my name in it so well
and the mini me’s think I’m really gonna ‘pay for their mini bars’ like I stay in a hotel
maybe I dont sell millions now but I say my piece in it
get down with the K.I.D’s and it’s c’est la vie in this, and hold ground til the day I’m deep in it


Mic checka like ups with my deliverance
I’m Bat man and u robin you wac rappers just my nemesis
You haters hate but u know that u be feelin thins
Its k.I.D I rep my team and eazy just be killin shit
I’m fizz up but no soda is in my cup
I’m pass 21 shots so playas don’t press yo luck
You lolipop lil niggas you know u suck
Now the beast is the cage thing its time you give it up up
Flow so sicka I’m givin you my production
Punchlines give concussions
I’m banggin like the procusion
call me action easy baby cuz u know that I be stutin
K.I.D it be the team and this rappin thang is nothing
Gave birth to the game, you just a bastered
I’m all madden wats happen I got it mastered
music toxic its poppin it get chu plastered
I gave you niggas the rock its time I think u niggas passed it ~ eazy

Yin Chang in Disney’s Prom movie


We spotted actress Yin Chang in Disney’s Prom movie trailer. You may recognized for her from her role as Nelly Yuki on CW’s “Gossip Girl”. In the Walt Disney ensemble feature film Prom, she plays one of the leads as a senior in high school, Mei. Here’s a synopsis of the film:

At “Prom,” every couple has a story and no two are exactly alike. Several intersecting stories unfold at one high school as the big dance approaches; “Prom” portrays the precarious passage from high school to independence as some relationships unravel and others ignite. For Nova Prescott (Aimee Teegarden), it’s a battle of wills as she finds herself drawn to the guy (Thomas McDonell) who gets in the way of her perfect prom. Fellow seniors Mei (Yin Chang) and Tyler (De’Vaughn Nixon) harbor secrets, while others face all the insecurity and anticipation that surrounds one of high school’s most seminal events. There are hundreds of nights in high school, but there’s only one “Prom.” Featuring an emerging ensemble cast and a powerful soundtrack, “Prom” hits theaters April 29, 2011.

Supposedly, it’s reminiscent of the John Hughes and Cameron Crowe classics (‘Breakfast Club’, ‘Say Anything’, ‘Pretty In Pink’). It’s a modern twist on the 80’s classics. Whatever you do, don’t get your prom dress at the Ghetto Prom Emporium.

Yin Chang talks about her character Mei Kwan

Prom Trailer

More about Yin Chang
Yin Chang, born and raised in New York, is the eldest of three daughters. She is of Taiwanese and Chinese, Malaysian ancestry. As selected by NYLON Magazine, she was featured in their 2009 “Young Hollywood” issue as one of the 45 stars of the next generation. She was also noted as one of the 14 rising young stars of the “Young Hollywood Generation 2009″ by Hudson Jeans.

Chang writes during her free time with plans of publishing novels, memoirs and children’s books in the future. She hopes to write scripts one day and see her finished work come alive on screen. Her artistic endeavors are inspired and encouraged by her maternal grandfather, the highly respected and world-renowned artist Dr. Teng Beng Chew. According to Chang, she considers herself to be a family oriented person, “I have a large but very close knit family; we’re the Asian version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I love spending time with them.” Until recently starting her professional acting career, Chang has spent all her vacations traveling around the world with her family and relatives.

What I’ll Tell You Everyday by Robynn Yip & Jian Choo

What I'll Tell You Everyday by Robynn Yip & Jian Choo

Robynn Yip & Jian Choo paired up for their single “What I’ll Tell You Everyday.” East meets West in this cute music video and love song. There are always little things about our boyfriends and girlfriends that bother us. But sometimes, that can be what makes your relationship special, and it’s one more thing to laugh together about. Hong Kong based Robynn Yip and Canada based Jian Choo complement each other in this duet.

Impressively, the video is completely self-directed and self-produced featuring a song that the duo wrote, composed, and produced together. Look out for more music from these two up and coming singer/songwriters.

BTW – Wong Fu Productions fans may recognize Robynn Yip from the short See Through from The One Days: HK series. Other cute love song to check out Be Mine by Danny Phame x freshKiDD, Valentine by Kina Grannis, and By Chance (You & I) by JRA.

What I’ll Tell You Everyday by Robynn Yip & Jian Choo

Lyrics to What I’ll Tell You Everyday by Robynn Yip & Jian Choo

There’s something I just don’t know how to say to you
You know I got something to say to you too
I’ve fallen in love with almost everything about you
I can’t stop thinkin bout the things that you do…

It’s the way you fall asleep on the phone just before we say goodnight
It’s the way you take forever when we’re getting ready for the night
Yet I just can’t help but say
That I love you anyway
So I’ll forgive you just for today
That’s what I’ll tell you everyday

The things you do I just can’t understand
You never ever seem to have a plan
I’ve fallen in love with almost everything bout us
But almost everything just ain’t good enough!

It’s the way you never tell me where you’re going or who you’re gonna see
It’s the way you snore so loudly every night it’s so hard for me to sleep
Yet I just can’t help but say
That I love you anyway
So I’ll forgive you just for today
That’s what I’ll tell you everyday
That’s what I’ll tell you everyday

Welcome Home Remix by Julie Zhan

Welcome Home Remix by Julie Zhan

Influenced by the LXD webseries, dancer Julie Zhan created her own dance video. In a tribute to Daniel Cloud Campos’ “Welcome Home” video, she created a remix about a girl that discovers some awesome dance powers while cleaning her house…only to find out it was a dream. Third time around, she’s back in reality and dances horribly. But were the first two times really a dream? Or was there something in the Chinese food?

Julie Zhan did it all in this video. Not only is she dancing on camera, but she also directed the video, wrote the storyline, edited the final footage, and choreographed the dance moves. Footage was shot on a Canon EOS 60D.

Welcome Home Remix by Julie Zhan

See other dope dance videos including Office Life, The Sleep Sweepers, Magic Bathroom, 0 views, and Represent.

Jiggy with the Jumbas

Jiggy with the Jumbas

In his latest video, Kevjumba reflects on his experience on Amazing Race from being more adventurous and getting closer to his dad. So what’s happened since Team Jumba‘s elimination from the Amazing Race? Kevjumba has tatoos and Team Jumba is getting a new reality TV show. Take a sneak peek of Kevin and Michael Wu’s show “Getting Jiggy with the Jumbas.” Watch the intro theme song and clips from the show. Here’s the lyrics tot he theme song:

“His name is Kevin and the others his dad and they really like to dance! So grab your things and come on by cause were Getting Jiggy with the Jumbas!”

Lots of drama in that Jumba House. It’s so bad we might Shed a Tear.

Jiggy with the Jumbas

See Kevin Wu’s other commentary on other legs of the race: I hate tiny boats, We’re not Ghana make it, I Forgot My Buttpads, Jumping off a Bridge in Norway, I Fell in Love with a Russian Babushka, and Russian Mystery