Tomorrow by Random Ninjas

Tomorrow by Random Ninjas

We just learned about a new rock band Random Ninjas. They’ are a fun, progressive, high-energy, female-fronted group based out of Los Angeles, CA. Their music is a random mix of rock, ninja, pop, jazz, metal, dance, and everything in between. Not only is the music a random mix, but the names of the band members also seem just as random. Get to know Soozanna, Agent Katchu, Full Metal Ninja, The Yusuke, and Caliginous Ninja.

Recently, Random Ninjas released a music video for their song “Tomorrow” from their EP Whatcha-Wanna-Gotta-Getcha. Band member Full Metal Ninja directed and produced the video, while fellow band mate Agent Katchu did the storyboarding and editing. Watch their creation below.

The band is also currently working on recording a full-length album to be released early next year. In the meantime, you can download “Tomorrow” on Tomorrow - Whatcha Wanna Gotta Getcha - EP or amazon.

Tomorrow by Random Ninjas

More about Random Ninjas
Random Ninjas is a high-energy, progressive, DIY female-fronted rock band spawned from the global culture of Los Angeles, CA. Founded by their guitarist, Full Metal Ninja, this group of talented musicians has been attacking world renowned venues and festivals both locally and abroad such as House of Blues, Universal Studios CityWalk, The Glass House, and South by Southwest in Austin, TX. Strong edgy vocals with a set of taiko drums next to traditional western drums all pounding against heavy metal and jazzy conundrums never fails to raise more than a few eyebrows. Currently plotting to attack a venue near you, be sure to catch Random Ninjas live and fully experience a new cultural freedom of expression in RANDOMNESS.

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  1. Paige

    Such amazing music! and I love the rectangular halos…so star trek ^_^……….. this is an instance classic ;p

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