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Just For A Moment by Jason Chen

Just For A Moment by Jason Chen

Jason Chen (aka JDC aka miniachilles) unleashed his first single on itunes called “Just For A Moment.” His music video features a jet setting Jason Chen and his friend and make up guru Holly AnnAeRee. The song is about realizing who you really love, especially for some who travels a lot. It’s got a smooth R&B feel to it. You can cop the single on Just For A Moment - Just For A Moment - Single.

In 2011, Jason Chen has been coming strong with his original music. Earlier in the month, he dropped ReIntroduction, a collabo with Lil Crazed, J.Reyez, and Verseatile.

Just For A Moment by Jason Chen

Lyrics to Just For A Moment by Jason Chen

Just for a moment, can we escape
Just for a moment, we’ll find a common place
Girl it aint easy, to stay away from you baby
I just gotta say girl, but
Just for a moment, this is our song
This is a moment, where you and I belong
Girl I’ve been waiting, I know you’re waiting
No need to say it, so close your eyes girl
Just for a moment

Verse 1:
Another state, another city got me tired out
Flashing lights of cameras flickerin as people shout
It’s not enough to hear my baby’s voice on the phone
Cause the only fan I care about is back home alone
They tellin me that I got plenty o’ time for a relationship
Told me to wait on it (no no)
Cause ever since the day you came in my life
You were my favorite, dont know what to make of it (whoa whoa)
Lookin through photos of us in my hotel room
After a couple shows you know I’ll be back soon
So many sleepless nights,
tossing, turning alone aint right
Girl you know im impatiently yearnin that

Verse 2:
Travelin around the world without you
Has got me thinkin about the day I found you
I’d climb the highest mountaintops to sing your name
swim to the ocean floor, just so i can see your face
If they only knew what I’m willin to give
to kiss my baby’s lips
Girl I aint fakin it (no no)
And everytime they add more time on the road
Girl I be hatin it
I’m just not sayin it (whoa whoa)
I almost left this life but you wouldnt let me
Cause you knew that music’s something that made me happy
So girl this one’s for you
Every word that I sing is true
I’ll be there beside you before you know it babe

Help Fund Everyday Is a Holiday

Help Fund Everyday Is a Holiday

Here’s a new documentary that needs your help. “Every Day Is a Holiday” has been greenlit by public television through the Independent Television Service (ITVS), but it needs to raise about $35,000 ($8000 coming from this campaign). Once it hits the objective, ITVS will provide an additional $79,120 towards completion of the film. Here’s more about the film:

Heartbreaking wartime memories, family secrets, and the legacy of America’s harsh anti-Asian immigration policies collide in EVERY DAY IS A HOLIDAY, Theresa Loong’s spellbinding account about her father and his emotional return to the land of his imprisonment. Paul Loong finally shares his secret wartime diary with his daughter, who embarks on a journey to understand his harrowing experiences as a POW in Japan during WWII, and his unwavering determination to become an American citizen.

Lots of perks depending on how much you donate including DVDs, tickets, audio portraits and more. Learn more about the Everyday Is a Holiday here.

(thanks to Laura W for the tip.)

Help Fund Everyday Is a Holiday

Two of Us by Tony T Nguyen and Connie Lim

Tony T Nguyen Two of Us

Tony T Nguyen has released a music video to his single “Two of Us”. It takes place in the distant future with only two robots left (one male and one female). The scientist attempts to rebuild the world with love by uploading an old file (modern day) of how men and women are suppose to bond with each other. During this process, the scientist tries to contain any viruses from infecting the file so that the robots can have a pure transfer of what love is with no corrupted memories.

The video also features vocals from Connie Lim as well as appearances by Kim Do and Can Nguyen from Poreotics. Kristine Sa is credited as the songwriter.

Two of Us – Tony T Nguyen [Official MV] HD

Two of Us – Behind the Scenes – The Dancers

Lyrics to Two of Us by Tony T Nguyen

The numbers on this clock 
They haven’t changed for days 
Is this how I should feel 
Transcending time and space

We move and inch 
and all this commotion, this release 
I’m at a loss for words 
What is this feeling in me?

Well there was a time that 
The most simple thing is all we need 
As if I once knew it

There was a world where 
What matters is simple as can be 
There was nothing to it

My skin and flesh can see 
The deepest part of me

My heart remembers all that space 
My lips remember how you taste 
Another time, another place

Heartbeats racing 
Fingers tracing 
Empty spaces 
Raw emotion

Crawling under 
Spilling over 
Still together 
Still in motion

Scream in silence 
Quiet guidance 
Safe reliance 
Deep as oceans

I can faintly recall how it was

So here we are 
Wherever here and now may be

I close my eyes 
But I still see you seeing me

Asian Food Rap by Model Minority

Asian Food Rap by Model Minority

New rap group Model Minority just dropped their lead single “Asian Food Rap”. It’s all your favorite Asian foods wrapped in one giant metaphor for life. Model Minority is made up of D-One, Grand Master Chu, and Inglish, veteran Asian-American emcees who banded together to represent the lifestyles of young modern Asian-Americans. Covering topics like academic pressure from parents (Overachiever) to Asian food (Asian Food Rap) to romance (What’s Your Name), audiences are sure to find something they relate to.

You can get the full Model Minority album for FREE below:

Previously, D-One and Inglish were part of the group 3peat.

Asian Food Rap by Model Minority

More about Model Minority
Model Minority, the first rap group formed specifically to tackle the issues of growing up Asian American, has each member brings unique experiences to the table: Grand Master Chu has a degree in Philosophy from Yale, D-One started his own clothing brand in college, and Inglish has a budding stand-up comedy career. Following in the footsteps of pioneers like The Mountain Brothers, Jin Tha MC, and Far East Movement, the trio also draws from artists like Eminem, Mos Def, and Jadakiss. With their entertaining brand of hip-hop, they have drawn comparisons to the “Wong Fu Productions of rap”.

KFC: A Love Story

KFC: A Love Story

Seattle’s Roger Ling is one of five KFC’s finalists for their Hot Wings Video contest. In the spirit of KFC’s sauceless wing innovation, KFC asked fans to cook up some fresh ideas on what to do with the unneeded wet wipes. Roger not only loves the taste of Sauceless Hot Wings, but fell in love with his girlfriend over a bucket of the Colonel’s Original Recipe. In “KFC: A Love Story,” Roger has a very important question to ask his girlfriend, Tiffany.

To make the video, KFC gave Roger a hand held camera, 1000 wet wipes, and $500. See what he came up with. Help him win by “liking” the video. Voting ends January 25, 2011 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Put him in the winner’s circle like SilkyDKWAN for YouTube Dance Studio.

KFC: A Love Story

Bruno Mars sings California Gurls on BBC Radio

Bruno Mars sings California Gurls on BBC Radio

Over the weekend, this video was floating on the Internet. In the UK, Bruno Mars dropped by BBC Radio to promote his music off his Doo-Wops & Hooligans album. One of the songs he sang was Katy Perry’s California Gurls. It’s not the some pop version you hear on the radio, he slows it down to give the song a R&B and jazz feel. The live performance is chill and laid back much his Billboard Tastemaker session. Check out Bruno Mars unplugged.

Bruno Mars sings California Gurls on BBC Radio