Billionaire Remix by Kazamm x Samuel Young


A relatively new artist Kazamm shared a music video remix of Billionaire he did with his friends with us. He redid the verses of the song and even added a storyline to his music video. Check him out. You can also download his remix below.

Billionaire Remix by Kazamm x Samuel Young

Lyrics to rap parts of Billionaire Remix by Kazamm x Samuel Young

So rich aint felt like it’s too late to buy myself a new face
Reputation high got a Rockefeller roommate
Throw it away, that’s how I dealt with food waste
Buy all the sweets deteriorated health with toothaches
All I gotta do is the laundry and riches unfold
cuz my music instantly sold, fans kissin my toes
Did I tell you my water has bits and silver literally gold
I’ll be like Edward Cullen, but more of a glittery glow
But its a dream, always bum out
wish I could count money till all the sun’s down
build a dam for it all so no dollas run out
then buy all the Apple gadgets, before the product comes out
all the amount, but like a foreigner aint used to it
a hundred thousand for my Youtube bizz
then millions to listen to my new music
But that’s only two outta a billion on my to do list

I realized I would have it all, the checks and money
life aint worth crap if you aint glad so I’ll help everybody
Help my own country, wont be a hassle I bet
Oh wait I forgot, not enough for the national debt
Oh well, but I bore a vision
in my dreams God told me to go somewhere poor to visit
Some torn decisions but I’m towards a mission
One thing I can’t purchase is life, can’t afford for livin
I’m the Foundation of Making a Wish
Got a big presence (present) run this bizz I’m Saint Nicholas
Cuz the pain of kids hurts it can’t be dismissed
Take away the pain I’ll take the Smile Train for the lips
money like food, as I shove it in yo face
Now your problems all the troubles go away
you ask ,”why you let that money go to waste?”
Eh whatevs, green aint my favorite color anyways

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