HUPA Presents “Foundations” featuring work by Tony Hong

HUPA Presents "Foundations" Featuring work by Tony Hong

For anyone who is interested in attending, Hold Up Art Lovers (HUPA) will be hosting an art gallery featuring a body of work on paper and wood that artist Tony Hong has been amassing since he has begun his bold new style of line-centric work over the past two years. The show will also feature limited edition silkscreen prints hand pressed and pulled by the artist.

Tony Hong is an emerging Korean-American contemporary artist who works exclusively in ink. While he considers himself a simple line maker, these lines ultimately form an intensely detailed image of organic matter.

HUPA curator Brian says…
“The concentration and attention to detail required to execute the pieces Hong is showcasing in ‘Foundations’ is rarely seen in today’s pop centric art world. Not only does he refocus our attention from character and brand, which we typically have seen so much of in the past years, to more basic elements of art such as line and weight, but also Hong is on the cusps of the new focus in Californian contemporary which is an emphasis on design as it pertains to fine art.”

The event will be held at 358 E 2nd Street in Los Angeles. For more information, go to the facebook event page.

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