Stay Strong by Maribelle Anes

Stay Strong by Maribelle Anes

Up and coming singer Maribelle Anes dedicated her latest track to the victims of the QueensLand floods in Australia. Seeing the devastation inspired her to create this special song to those who are experiencing the floods. She hopes that it will inspire the victims to Stay Strong. Maribelle Anes produced, wrote and recorded this song in just a few hours.

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Stay Strong by Maribella Anes

Lyrics to Stay Strong by Maribella Anes

Verse 1:
seeing your property
being washed away by the storm
I can barely sleep
knowing that, is what you call home
watching that river flow
with no ground to be seen
please mrs. gillard (our prime-minister)
can u change anything

as for now
take care
time will heal of this pain
but I know that it’s just not fair

please stay strong
because were praying all night long
for the land that you call home
it’s not the end
baby we will fight

night and day
hold on
mother nature is so wrong
to let this thing go on
what matters the most is
that you’re okay
stay strong

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