K.i.D Cypher Round 9

K.i.D Cypher Round 9

Lil Crazed and the rest of to K.i.D. team is back with a new cypher. K.i.D Cypher Round 9 features the whole K.i.D. crew along with special guest Andy Milonakis. They kick off the lastest round with a big bang. Here’s the order of the artists:

1: Ben Jamz
2: Eazy
3: Sunny P
4: Dee
5: Ace
6: Lil Crazed
7: Phlip
8: Trixx
9: Block
10: Skip
11: DJ Sin
12: Andy Milonakis

Virtually every ethnicity is reppin’ on this track. Also R Productions is back on the beats. Previously, R Productions put beats on K.i.D Cypher Round 3, K.i.D Cypher Round 5, and K.i.D Cypher Round 8.

K.i.D Cypher Round 9

Lyrics to K.i.D Cypher Round 9

(Ben Jamz)
This here music by the k.I.d.s but got that grown sound
Never say i pack a pistol but I own rounds
flow insane, officially gon clown
posse full of pussies all mushie time ta chow down
Frm the home of the tianmann
wat a beast he channelin givin rappers seizures & bitches panickin
my circle the smell of winners never wear off
and losers got no gameboy and u Squares soft

Married to the game young nigga no prenup
Doemestic violence what they call it when I beat the beat up
My words is a weapon when I spit I let them bullets talk
Haters are like scaabs when I get em I just pull em off
They say I got no manners, but fuck it its just my attitude
Cheese in my safe, cuz pussy niggas a rat on you
Saround myself with fine bitches, call that ass “crisis”
She drop it low then bring it up higher then gas prices  ugh

(Sunny P)
Yeeaaa its mr. Cypher ruiner
Treat the beat like a bitch watch while I’m pursuin her
Oh that was your girl, see what imma do to her
Put her in the space ship and blast off to jupiter,
Cuz I’m outta this world yup outta this planet
You can tell by my clothes gucci jacket and hat to match it
You get no action always clashin lemme put u on some fashion
Cuz I cause Traphik with my Passion when these paparazzis flashin…

You know what it is when dee is on a cypha,
Haters butane to my flame, I spit fire,
JOHNNY BLAZE on the pen, I could be ya ghost writa (ghost rida),
On some new shit, I love it when they hate it,
They stucc on old shit like they flow is constipated,
At the top got em strarin at my feet coach Rex,
So these haters keep on TRIPPIN like the New York Jets

I’m bacc for another one/
What a good look/
See we on different pages/
Matter of fact, different books/
Make the and 1 mixtapes look amutuer/
Got the industry shook/
Play the cards that are dealt/
That’s what I was told/
But when the ACE comes out/
Everybody folds/
Different from the rest/
I broke the mold/
Minnesota weather ain’t the reason why I spit cold….

hello hi, it’s that hella fly yellow guy,
droppin’ TNT on USA, i should be televised,
cuz i’m an enterprise that haters like to energize,
and KID is like a UFO, we’re unidentified,
objects, too complex for haters,
generating all this heat up in your rooms, i’m a ventilator,
never been a trader, that’s the path i stay,
“Tom Hanks” all you haters, throw ya CAST AWAY,
go head act away, uh huh you fake posers,
i connect ya girls flights, she lays over, (layover)
showin’ me CLASS while she “diggin’ (dig in) my anatomy,”
mad cuz an Asian MADE your girl’s “Final Fantasy,” (game)
well, i be doin it, this music shit is too legit,
whenever dude’ll spit, i’m “movin’ bitch”, i’m so damn LUDACRIS,
stupidness, i’m done with that, ya’ll have fun with that,
i feel goals, (field goal) like the start of a jumping jack

A new year, its clear I murder tracks I got em,
I stay fly, never coming down not mary poppins,
I phlipped the game so ull never see me at the bottom,
I’m batman, I got my city like its gutham,
Another cypher, yeah u know we killing it,
Like we kncoking drinks over on the tracks we spilling it,
I never call in scik even tho I’m  ill wit it,
Say that I am legend cuz u know that I am will in it

Fucc flippin beats, im spittin doin varials
cuz i twist em, now listen through your stereo
the house of payne like im on the mr perry show
with a gifted flow, wrappin it up how i merry-go
a trackstar now you could never beat this
settings records straight how i run it try to mete this
stand alone chemcial you dont wana mix this
cuz i never balance out and thats who trixx is…bitchez

Stop the track, Block is back, and I’m returning for attendance
Spit a sentence just to recreate a vengeance
Like amendments,  I be layin’ down the law bitch
All this makes ya dudes just wanna call quits
Draw quick ball tip pens and sign the contract
For lyrical combat but you some pussies like some tomcats
Yeah, and like my sister you cry
Even your Role Models said that you’re like a Whispering Eye

My whole team on 1 track, haters with them small claps
tryna get close to my back, bitch that means braked checked
common sense like duh, KID orchestra, 
im just saying we could turn ya ear drums into band camp
this is the team, giving you scares and the screams
3 65, made everyday halloween
you call it a stage, we make it cemetary
never mike jones, i wanna hear my name like jerry

(DJ Sin)
My flow so Katrina so no use in sand baggin’
Headin out west get your ass on the damn wagon (band wagon)
pants saggin’, no gangsta skillet with a pot
but the hangover’s a bad mother fucker I kill it with a shot
or a whole clip call me Drake I’m so far gone bitch
in for the run of my life I’m so Marshawn Lynch
Got no girlfriend I don’t play that
but I got three chicks that get pissed off when I say that