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Set You Free by SJB x V8

Set You Free by SJB x V8

SJB x V8 released a music video for their song “Set You Free”. SJB (comprised of Seattle rappers SJ and Princy B) hit it on the verses, while V8 handles the R&B hook. It’s a smooth track bringing back that classic R&B. These guys are raising the bar on the hip hop visuals. Keep your eyes on these up and coming Asian American rappers.

(shoutout to Shawn M for the tip)

Set You Free by SJB x V8

Behind the scenes of Set You Free by SJB x V8

Gravy & Toast by songstowearpantsto

Gravy & Toast by songstowearpantsto

Asian Canadian Andrew Huang (better known as songstowearpantsto) put together an odd song about Gravy & Toast. Although the food combination may not be to your liking, the tune is pretty catchy. He’s got a twisted version of the Wiggles going on here. Gravy & Toast would fit well in some warped cartoon. Surprisingly, you can get this song on Gravy & Toast - Gravy & Toast - Single. (Despicable Me reference anyone?)

Also check out his most popular track “Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows“. You can also get this song on Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows - Corduroys, With Tassles

Gravy & Toast by songstowearpantsto

Animated version of Gravy & Toast

Lyrics to Gravy & Toast by songstowearpantsto

I’m eating some toast and it’s really boring.
I need something else to keep me from snoring,
’cause this is so bland. It tastes kind of lonely.
It sure needs a friend. I’m thinking, “If only
there were something that’s warm…
something that’s savoury…
something that’s brown…
and I don’t know…maybe it
could be made of fat – ’cause that would be tasty.
Oh, wait – I think that I’m thinking of gravy!”

Gravy and toast! Gravy and toast! Toast and gravy!
I eat it the most! It’s gravy and toast! Oh, baby!
If there is a place where they are together then take me!
Take me there right now!
Because I love gravy and toast!

I’m eating some gravy. I’ve got it right here.
It seems kind of crazy – a little bit weird –
’cause there’s nothing with it; it’s just by itself.
Not only is that strange, it’s bad for my health.
I need carbohydrates, ’cause this is just gross,
and maybe a vegetable-

Woah now. Woah. Now.

Gravy and toast! Gravy and toast! Toast and gravy!
I eat it the most! It’s gravy and toast! Oh, baby!
If there is a place where they are together then take me!
Take me there right now! Because I love gravy and toast!

Chords to Gravy & Toast by songstowearpantsto

Verse 1 – F C/E Dm C Bb Dm Bb C
Chorus 1 – F Bb F C Dm F/A Bb C F
Verse 2 – F C/E Dm C Bb Dm Bb
Chorus 2 – F Bb F C Dm F/A Bb C F B F

K.i.D Cypher Round 11

K.i.D Cypher Round 11

Lil Crazed and the K.i.D. team released their latest cypher. In K.i.D Cypher Round 11, we heard a host of rappers including Ace, Lil Crazed, Phlip, Dee, and Ben Jamz. Special guest Auburn opens the track, while Deuce B closes it out. Auburn has been doing a few things with Asian American artists. See Perfect Two Remix and That La La Girl Mashup.

You can download the track for FREE here. Props to Lil Crazed for bringing underground talent to the forefront.

K.i.D Cypher Round 11 (contains profanity)

Lyrics to K.i.D Cypher Round 11

me + track = crack, but don’t be stingy with all dat,
gott a lotta fire in this sack.
u be my dealer watch yo back,
my words alone could get u high not D.R.O but P.R.O, ima CEO
don’t like it you can put yo lips where the levi’s go
who is this chick omg?
i swear she wears her hair exactly like she’s nicki minaj!
she doesn’t talk about sex, and never brags about money
know whats funny bet she records up in her mamas garage
new introduction,
brown girl from Minnesota
from where its sunny in the summer but the winters colder
on so many front pages u would think i was a center folder
and when i spit i make em black out black out, black – Travis porter
i swear this music so simpatico,
take it so deep most people would dare to call me radical (radical)
that i know, none of these sucka’s move me
now they they all up in my face #nogucci

im flyer than a ma’fucca/
K.i.D. icarus/
im bout my green/
you can see it in my face/
stanely ipus/
im goin in for anotha kill/
producers sendin instrumentals our way, signin away their wills/
i see its a tough crowd, i got what it takes/
y’all really wana fucc w/ ace? double the fuccin wage/
one of a kind, differientiate me from them lames/
i am a national treasure – nicolos cage/
this beat is bangin, dont mistake it for a gun show/
fire-flame spitta, smoke flarin out my nostrils/
y’all bout to feel our rain (reign), hope you fellas brought your ponchos/
i keep my team close, we stay connected like condos/
(run) with us, or run the fucc from us/
we be the team runnin shit, never mentioned the runners up/
the ball is in our posession now/
go and get your punters up/
you will never see us stop, until you see our numbers up

~go get ’em, i got ’em, a problem, can’t solve ’em,
my bars sweeter than what’s poppin out of a pinata’s bottom,
my offense always on dominate, honestly, i’m honored that,
my team in the scene as kings, you dream you can see what we see from our eyelids,
head looking like Sonic, got the mohawk all up on it,
don’t JUDGE me, you won’t budge me, see i don’t greet you as “Your Honor”,
uh uh obvious, it’s clear to see k.i.d can rock an audience,
now a moment of silence, for the beat that just got demolished…
flow POLISHED, NAILED it, fresher than a new born
you’re Skywalker with a blanket, you’re LUKEwarm,
sum it up, comin’ (cumming) up, wait pause, i’m a DICK and a HOTshot,
all you haters are COCK blocks, calling me a joke?
but you’re the ones getting knock knocked,
who’s there? it’s mr. k.i.d up at your door,
insinuating SITUATION but i aint from the Jersey Shore,
my reputation equals exclamations, point, blank, PERIOD,
now i’m seeing it, that’s what you haters JERKIN’ for

On the cypher here I go seems like yall can’t get enough,
Dedicated to my haters so watch me put my fingers up,
Ill just sit here smiling while I watch yall try to reach my level,
I don’t care if ure a goon or goblin, wats that to a devil,
Every bbeat I kill just to make sure there’s no chance for a remix,
N my team be on the same boat so I say we fuccin sea sick,
Mike jack on the beat I beat it, I shit on the beat yes feces,
I kill so many beats I added it to the endangered species,
Its k to the I d, look the logo is a lion,
I been heard around the world so shit pshh who needs verizon,
Can u hear me now? Bitch I know they been hearing me,
Sicker than ur average n there’s no way to be curing me,
I know I’m crazy when I spit, I’m a tad bit psycho,
Fat bastard on the beat, I eat em up, imma need some lypo,
I’m not a workaholic musik is just the life I’m livin,
We got that charlie sheen swag cuz my team is winning

Now you betta get familiar, With the microphone killa
Kid Es la familia, ain’t no other team reala
We some sharks to you minnows,man you succaz Chiccen little,
o you married to the game I’m bout make that bitch a widow,
Tryna make it in the game from the dleague to the pros
Fucc a super bowl ring give me the half time show
We on the grind! Muhfucca so it’s only right that we hit it
Middle fingas in ya face if you succas ain’t wit it,
Real g no gimics if I talk it then I live it,
Stay true on the mothafuccin records no Guinness,
Uhhh I’m popeye on his goddamn spinage,
Only competition to me his my team no scrimmage,
Ugh you like a shoe size four,
A small soul (sole) at the bottom of the floor
We bout ta blow up on you hoez like July 4,
And get on top of the game like a new high score!

Ben Jamz
can i get a fuck u to my haters serve em like a waiter flow sharp as a razor
static comin, no tazerin (teasin) throw ya jabs & punchlines my veres
all haymakers
leave every single track burnt, portland trail blazer
while these rappers bars bent outta shape, jail breakers i put a fork
lift under santans house, hell raisin
& u can’t see me on these cyphers lookin lik stevie
Capital A for my rhymes while u keep scorin DC
H to the I Vizze I’m sick with no cure
Got a Charlie sheen sponsor cuz my lines so pure
If ur cold I’m froze man I am so burr (sober)
But I’m swirlvin in ya lane with a drunk chofer
Never claim to be hood Im jus so sub urban
bout to blow myself up c4 in the turban
Shutin every single show down close curtains
Aint nobdy fuckin with us till we 40, virgins

Deuce B
I tell em they better run,
Wen I step in this bitch im killin em all,
Kinda ironic how I been tha shit and still piss em off,
Tha nigga raw,
Ud think I aint been in a kitchen dawg,
But boy,
Im cookin tracks,
Im spittin dem skillet bars,
A star,
Thas really my critics say im close to,
Supernova flowin,
So its known that ima blow dude,
So y they testin,
Professor to this profession,
I wreck em and UPS em,
Cuz they couldn’t make they own moves,
Im so smooth,
But still I be goin hard as fuck,
Im nuts,
These niggas cant hold me,
They shuda bought a cup,
Sharp wit tha bars,
Im turnin saws to dust,
Partner what,
Tha fuck is tha deal,
U keep it real,
Well ill call ya bluff,
Offa tha cards and stuff,
Ima hit em in tha jaw wit some,
Punches comin,
Straight to tha face of these haters,
Got em ballin up,
They cautious wen im talkin,
Cuz im crashin like some cars and stuff,
So they all be dartin,
Cuz like fabulous,
I start it up,

Digital Antiquities by J.P. Chan

Remigration with Rick Yune

The latest release from Futurestates season 2 is “Digital Antiquities” directed by J.P. Chan. The film explores how technology makes it both easy and difficult to preserve digital memories. Here’s a synopsis of the short:

By 2036, data loss has become a thing of the past. All digital media is instantly uploaded to the internet and permanently stored in the cloud, safely backed-up on servers scattered around the world. Only a handful of small businesses in the world have the expertise to recover data from pre-cloud devices. On a hot summer day, a young man named Kai visits Digital Antiquities, a store in eastern Pennsylvania specializing in data recovery and sales of vintage electronics. He shows Cat, the store’s only employee, an old compact disc left to him from his deceased mother and asks her to recover its contents. Will Cat help him find a working CD reader? And what will they discover among the contents of the disc?

Also see other shorts from Futurestates Season 2 including Beholder and Remigration with Rick Yune. You might also recognize actress Jo Mei from the short films Empire Corner and Wu is Dead.

Digital Antiquities by J.P. Chan

behind the scenes of Digital Antiquities by J.P. Chan

William Hung gives advice to GLEE’s Asian American cast

William Hung gives advice to GLEE's Asian American cast

OPM Comedy released a video that helped them win Best Sketch Comedy 2010 at the SF Fringe Festival. The skit pokes fun at the lack of bigger roles for the two Asian American characters on GLEE played by Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) and Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) Even with the talent to sing and dance, they get one song and few speaking lines. Former American Idol contestant William Hung gives some advice to the two GLEE cast members to expand their opportunities and overcome Sue Sylvester’s objections.

William Hung gives advice to GLEE’s Asian American cast

My Own Show : Episode 4

My Own Show - Episode 4

Scott Yoshimoto presents his fourth episode of “My Own Show.” In this episode, he has special guest Nessa Rica. Here’s a synopsis:

After unexpectedly seeing her ex-boyfriend JV (joseph vincent) at the party, CARISSA (carissa rae) finds herself strolling along the night streets, reflecting upon her thoughts and feelings. Seeking some comfort, Carissa ends up at the door of her good friend NESSA (nessa rica) who brings her in and gives her tips on how to deal with her situation. A knock at the door reveals SCOTT (scott yoshimoto) who has come to make sure that everything is okay. With an awkward hug goodnight, a new friendship is established between Carissa and Scott.

Two original songs are part of this episode: Play On Words by Nessa Rica Play On Words - Hearts Desire and Can’t Keep Running by Carissa Rae Can't Keep Running - Carissa Rae. Get them both on itunes.

Previous episodes:
My Own Show : Episode 1
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My Own Show – Episode 4