Fading Away by Lil Crazed

Fading Away by Lil Crazed
Lil Crazed released a music video for “Fading Away” off his Equilibrium EP. It’s a song about a tumultuous relationship with the guy wanting to get back together and uncertainty of the girl he loves. Will their relationship fade away? Look for cameos by Traphik and Micah B.

Cop his single on Fading Away - Equilibrium or amazon.

Also check out his track Getting Closer off the same EP.

Fading Away by Lil Crazed

Lyrics to Fading Away by Lil Crazed

~listen, i gotta get it up outta my system,
how can someone so close end up so distant,
my HOMEgirl, now u send me an eviction
a lotta fish in the sea but i dont feel like fishin
tried to forget our past but its hard cuz i loved u
i felt like i held the world everytime that i hugged u
changed my way in the game because of you
but i went down the NEGATIVE road, i couldn’t PLUS you
i trust u, still remember me and how we used to be
i’m not just losin you, girl i’m losin me
and it hurts, i just wish that you could feel it,
and that heart u got was mine and i just wish you didn’t steal it,
they tell us to, play the hand that’s been dealt to you,
i had a QUEEN, and put her down, now what the hell am i gonna do,
grab another but the others just don’t have a HEART like you,
so i think its time to quit the game, take my CARDS i’m through

~everythin we had in our relationship,
we built somethin nice up together now i gotta renovate it,
i never meant for it to end this way but its the way it went,
now what we built is wrecked n i still gotta pay the rent,
ecstasy when you was next to me i felt high,
we were like two doves flyin in the sky
but time went by, and we crashed in the mist,
now we just shake hands like we pacifists,
and i cant stand this, i don’t know where to run,
should i smile cuz it happened or cry cuz it’s done,
its too hard to fight this, ima throw down my gloves,
you’re addicting but now ima say no to the drugs
and hope for the love to find me through a different way
no more head on collisions, we can stop the chicken games
but if you ever change ya mind n realize i wont hurt you,
i’ll be waitin, patience is a virtue

~look ma, i’ll be waiting but i cant wait too long
if it takes even a week (weak) then it was not strong
enough for the both of us
mama always told me not to play with open cuts
cuz eventually time heals all wounds
but now the question is, babygirl how soon?
trust is the key, we need that first,
but if not then we fade like a cheap black shirt

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