I Can’t Be In Love by Maribelle Anes

I Can't Be In Love by Maribelle Anes

Singer/songwriter Maribelle Anes released her latest track “I Can’t Be In Love”. The song talks about a girl falling for her male best friend and the conflicted feelings she has. She Can’t Be In Love.

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I Can’t Be In Love by Maribelle Anes

Lyrics to I Can’t Be In Love by Maribelle Anes

I can’t be in love
I, I can’t be in love with my

Verse 1:
sit down, let me tell you my situation
you’ve got this girls heart confused when
i’m with him
but your still on my mind
and it’s hard to control
my hearts patrol
I’m feeling things that I don’t know
It’s difficult to stay on my grind
when you are

every where I go
callin’ up my phone
usually I would leave my messages alone
but when it’s you, you know I can’t deny
and you are
staying here at home
my boyfriend doesn’t know
he thinks I just want some time on my own
when it is you who takes up my time

oh no you don’t
get out of my head
I can’t go through this again
I can’t be in love
I, I can’t be in love with my
oh no I won’t
love bugs don’t you spread
why can’t I love him instead
I can’t be in love
I, I can’t be in love with my
best friend

Verse 2: (rap)
it’s not right, not fair
i am trippin’
I got a great guy
but theres still something missin’
you’re my best friend and
everybody knows that
what they don’t know is
where the hell my heart’s at

he takes on me a date
and where having a good time
then the flashback starts
your the first thing on my mind
that I already have a man
I can tell he is trying, doing all that he can
but you

you know me better
then anybody in this small world
he knows this
sweet, pretty, innocent, young girl
you know my bad side
the one I always hide
but I want you out my freaking god damn mind
can you tell me that you don’t feel the same
I wanna try loving somebody else
without the pain

I know it’s hard, I can’t avoid you
your so close to me
but i swear you got me running
i can barely breathe

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