Mystery by Jennifer Chung

Mystery by Jennifer Chung

Jennifer Chung dropped a new original tune “Mystery.” The track is about the feelings you get meeting someone new, especially their mysteriousness. Here’s a message from Jennifer Chung about the song:

When you first meet someone, it can be scary because you’re not exactly sure how it’ll all end up. It’s about taking that risk. There’s a mystery factor that intrigues us and keeps us guessing, but one would hope that eventually the mystery will blossom into a familiarity we cannot live without.

She’s adding to her list of originals songs this year. Check out Lost Boy, We Are, One Day, and Lollicup Girl.

Mystery by Jennifer Chung

Lyrics to Mystery by Jennifer Chung

It really hasn’t been a long time.
Feels like we met just yesterday.
I’m guilty of no obvious crime.
But I’d surrender to your name.

The facts they seem so microscopic,
Beside the heart beneath your skin.
I’m counting down the days that pass us slowly,
‘Till you decide to let me in.

No, you don’t have to say it all yet.
What it is exactly on your mind.
We will dance around the silly topic,
‘Till we both decide to cross that line.

We’re being true, we don’t play no games,
Aware of the price that it may cost.
And practice patience, so there’s no blame,
‘Cause there was wisdom that we sought.

We’ll take our time,
‘Cause that’s what we have for the rest of our lives.
The mystery, we will decipher,
How we ended up together,
That fateful night (x2)

Here I am in front of you.
There you are in front of me.
How on earth did this all happen?
Ooh, what a mystery.

Please tell me how you feel eventually.
Ooh, don’t stay a mystery.

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