Remigration with Rick Yune

Remigration with Rick Yune

This week’s release of Futurestates season 2 is “Remigration” featuring actor Rick Yune as agent Jonathan. The film explores a futuristic San Francisco that is entirely upper-class and its attempt to bring working-class families back to the city. Here’s a synopsis of the short:

Upon returning to their countryside cabin one day, Kaya, his wife Helen, and their daughter Naomi are confronted by two suited men: representatives of the San Francisco Remigration Program. The men explain that San Francisco is now occupied entirely by the wealthy class. But stoplights still burn out and trains occasionally jump their rails. Blue-collar labor isn’t obsolete, but it’s scarce. The city has created a program to “remigrate” long-gone working class families from their inland homes back to the city that once pushed them out. Kaya, Helen, and Naomi return to San Francisco and join a handful of other potential remigrants for a tour of what can be expected in their new lives. But can they learn to trust their old home once again?

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Remigration with Rick Yune

behind the scenes of Remigration

More about Rick Yune
Rick Yune is an actor, screenwriter, producer, and martial artist. The former stock trader’s training at the Actors Studio and early work in modeling and television led to his first feature role in Snow Falling on Cedars. He is also known for his roles in The Fast and the Furious and Die Another Day. His early love of tae kwon do also found the future actor qualifying for the Olympics at the age of 19. While pursuing a career in business at Philadelphia’s Wharton School, he was discovered by an agent while on his way to a job interview, which led to his becoming the first Asian model to work for Versace and Polo Sports.

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