Say Hi by Mondega

Say Hi by Mondega

Mondega leaked another track off his upcoming album “Food, Clothing, and Love”. In the song, he reflects upon the struggles of his
past and his climb up the music industry. Time to Say Hi to Mondega. He ain’t going away. You can download this tune FREE here.

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Say Hi by Mondega (contains profanity)

Lyrics to Say Hi by Mondega

I’m the best Asian rapper, I told ya’ll before…
I deserve a Grammy for the movement I support
My heart is still pure, though my mind is still at war
Rappers claim the hood, but I’m in the streets more
Fabricated, misinformed, they tell you it’s a storm
See I came a country war-torned
They could never fit in the shoes I worn,
Born to die young, I’m just glad to see today
Especially that night with that gun to my face
Tommy wondered if I died, my mother never cried
I just called police for insurance, and I lied
Thinking about the past, and all the little paths
That I took to get here, just to prove that I can rap
I’m trying to my city on map, but the fact is
Everything here is white or black, no Asian
But it’s so amazing, I made it through the matrix
Made a couple friend’s, but my brother’s aviator
I could give a fuck about the color of your skin
Cause I’m darker than a lot of motherfuckers in here
The ladies wanna know, so I tell her what my name is
They call me Mondega, I’m about to be famous


I think they all know, but they don’t wanna show
No love for a brother cause they know I’m bout to blow
If you don’t know me, I can guarantee you will
Till then, I’ll just bounce with my hands to the ceiling

Everybody say hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi hi
Put your hands high, high, high, high, high, high, high
Everybody say hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi hi
Put your hands high, high, high, high, high, high, high

Yo I’m from the Southside, homie ain’t shit funny
Saying peace to ya’ll who used to buy weed from me
I wish you all well, but I gotta keep it moving
Even the ones I beef with tell me to keep on going
So I keep it going, mind over matter
Got my grind over women, no time for my linen
Skipping line for the finish, you can label me a menace
Got the pedal to the metal and I’m going independent
I’m in this shit win, so I’m stuck in windy city
Waiting for my flight with a video vixen
Said she’s from new york, and she’s headed to LA
Pretty brown Filipina girl trying to paid
Welcome to my life, this is my world…
If you can’t rock with it, settle down with ya girl
Homie, take my advice, what I’m telling you is right
I’ve been grinding all my life, this ain’t happen over night

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