Take It Easy by Melissa Polinar

Take It Easy by Melissa Polinar

Singer/songwriter Melissa Polinar release her latest original song “Take It Easy.” The track has been brewing with her for awhile. Here’s more about the single:

I’ve had this melodic idea (verse/chorus) since August 2009 (said so according to Garageband). I guess I really do let things/ideas simmer, huh? Anyways, about the song… lyrically, they’re all my thoughts when I can’t sleep at night. It’s not a love song necessarily but my conversation with my dreams and where I want to be.

You can download “Take It Easy” below:

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Take It Easy by Melissa Polinar

Lyrics to Take It Easy by Melissa Polinar

far, you’re just so far
but why do I feel you?
as though you’re sitting right next to me
but maybe I’m just trying to satisfy this compromise

and maybe while I play this guitar
you’ll show up in my view
telling me not to worry
then I wake up and find my way back to reality

I hear the clock, it’s ticking
late at night it’s teasing me – oooo
I can feel the pressure
seeping deep inside of me

take it easy
go right ahead & don’t forget to breathe
though it’s not all that perfect
it’s not always “make it or break it”
take it easy
go on ahead, don’t be afraid to feel
no, i don’t have all the answers
but as long as we’re together
i’m GOnna take it easy

what have I become?
am I still the same me?
Is this the place where I want to be?
Wherever I go I try to find a place –
a home for my heart’s rhythm

hear the clock, it’s tickin’
late at night it’s callin’ me – ooooh
I can see the future
that is where you’re taking me

take my time, enjoy the ride (take it easy)
we’ll be fine, all will align – take it… take it… take it…

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