Agents of Secret Stuff – Behind the Music

Agents of Secret Stuff - Behind the Music

Composer George Shaw has been collaborating with Wong Fu Productions on several projects including Agents of Secret Stuff. For the Youtube hit film from Ryan Higa and Wong Fu Productions, George created an original exciting spy-infused soundtrack. It’s a hilarious mash-up of the spy and teen-drama genres, and the story revolves around a secret agent who must go undercover in high school to protect a girl. The soundtrack is now available along with bonus tracks featuring music from other Wong Fu films including:

Funemployed” (starring Kevjumba), is a whimsical web series about two friends’ journey through unemployment as they discover what their friendship and chasing dreams really mean.

These Four Walls,” a poetic short film which journeys through picturesque Italian landscapes and scenery to question the endless possibilities the world has to offer when we step outside our comfort zone.

Technology Ruins Romance” examines how difficult romantic situations, portrayed in movies and stories of the past, can be in the modern digital age.

Up In Da Club” is a comedic series about the clubbing scene.

“Just a Nice Guy” is a 3-part mini-series dealing with the frustration of being a nice guy and single.

You can get the soundtrack for Agents of Secret Stuff along with bonus tracks here.

Agents of Secret Stuff – Behind the Music