Be a Lady by Hopie Spitshard

Be a Lady by Hopie Spitshard

Rapper Hopie Spitshard dropped a new joint “Be a Lady”, a previously unreleased single off the Dulce Vita LP. The music video is set in the 50′s-60′s and tells you what it’s like to be a lady. She breaks down the good and bad of being a woman including putting on makeup, gossiping, and woman-hating. Much like her Dulce Vita Promo video, she’s got a retro feel to the visuals. We wonder if she’ll continue with this theme with other music videos for her album.

listen to more Hopie Spitshard on these tracks : Game Over, Yummy, and Trunk (The Remixes).

Be a Lady by Hopie Spitshard (contains profanity)

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