Kimchi Chronicles Preview for PBS

Kimchi Chronicles Preview for PBS

Long a favorite of in-the-know foodies, Korean cuisine is poised to become the next big food trend, with dishes like bibimbap and kimchi popping up on menus nationwide. In a new PBS series that will begin airing in summer 2011, Korean-born actress/model Marja Vongerichten and three-star Michelin chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten will give viewers an insider’s look at Korea as they travel the country and experience its authentic flavors and cultural traditions. The series is a food and travel show that discovers Korean food and culture over a 13 episode journey. Guest stars include Hugh & Deb Jackman and Heather Graham. Each episode will be a combination of eating extravaganza and picturesque travelogue with food serving as a vehicle to meet and celebrate the people, places and traditions of Korea

As the show’s companion cookbook, The Kimchi Chronicles will include a recipe for every dish featured, explaining how they can be easily duplicated in an American kitchen. Chef Vongerichten will also offer original dishes with a lighter, modern flair, showing how the flavors of the Korean table can be readily integrated into any meal.

For lovers of Korean food, those eager to experiment in search of an accessible introduction to this intriguing cuisine, and readers who just want a little taste of culinary and cultural exploration outside the Western Hemisphere, The Kimchi Chronicles is sure to provide plenty of inspiration, information, and entertainment. The series will premiere in New York in early May and then air nationwide starting July 2011 on a public television (PBS) station near you.

Kimchi Chronicles Preview for PBS

Kimchi Chronicles – 1st Episode Intro

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  1. The Korea Society

    This is going to be an amazing documentary!

    The Korea Society is hosting an event titled “Making The Kimchi Chronicles” on Tuesday May 3rd at 6:30PM in New York. The program is an insider’s look at this new series with The Kimchi Chronicles host Marja Vongerichten, producer Eric Rhee, and KAFFNY co-founder and director Eric Kim, moderating. The evening will include a special extended trailer and green tea from Jeju Islands, one of the many destinations visited in The Kimchi Chronicles.

    For more information visit The Korea Society’s website at:

    or The Korea Society’s Facebook page:

  2. Kazu

    I reallllllly hope that bit about Korean food being the next big food trend comes true. There is a spot that’s practically a “Korean Town” a good amount of miles away from me, but almost nothing in my city. Can’t wait for July to see this show!

  3. Julie

    OMG. Very well made program. It makes me feel like jumping into that big screen. Great job!

  4. vw

    Hi, I live in Manhattan and was wondering when this series is going to air? I’m having trouble finding the date and time online… Help!



  5. susie

    We Korean came a long way,so proud of having program like this,been 40 years US as little girl from Seoul Kora ,no body talk about Kimchi or Korea in T V.

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