Louder by Vision

Louder by Vision

Last year, rapper Vision was competing for a spot as a 2010 ISA Breakout Performer. Since then, he’s released his debut album “Chaos and Clarity” consisting of 16 tracks. His latest music video is for his song “Louder” about getting loud to make a difference. You can download the song FREE below:

Look for his new music New Beginnings coming soon. Also listen to his song Never Leave.

Louder by Vision

Lyrics to Louder by Vision

i’m sick of silhouettes sipping all my sunshine
through small straws so i’m saying now one time
if your voice is on the ground get down pick it up
life’s not living if you don’t live it up
not about the lavish, talking bout the reason
talking bout the feeling, talking bout believing
dropping out the season means the fans leaving
sit down on the bench until you start dreaming
fine line found between victim and victor
hip hop’s got a lot of holes we try to stitch her
up wards motion moment my words hit ya
frame in your brain these shades i try to picta

(we’re getting louder and louder)
are you listening
are you listening to the riveting sounds of the crowd stepping in
if you’re ready then i’m ready make a difference lets do it
real life rules means survival of the truest
if the people aint the symbol i ask you who is
(who is) echo-our time (our time) lets do this

I’m coming like the running man looking for the one shot
to leave an impression on ya soul like a sunspot
some got many voices they use to speak through
i have only one tone that mode to reach you
purpose filled, surface drilled
deeper level meaning category named real
i’ll keep on digging till you’re knocking on my core
you can see my whole life when i open up the door
shadows upset you, they’re here to test you
unless you let one get through and catch you
then you leave the lights on till i get there
i’ll be by your side till the return of the Son’s here

Its the anthem for the marchers, target for the archers
moving with the movement made named for the martyr
love is the admission so i know i’ll have the halo
but sometimes its hard to see what there’s left to stay for
some need the hard rock i don’t need the crackpot
they be looking for a lucky pull like a jackpot
snapshot up against the backdrop backlot
sitting in my car alone spitting on the blacktop
I’ll be intense-rather than laid back
and i know its saying something for me just to say that
if you’re not ready-suggest you stay back
depression took too much of my time this is payback

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