HBO GO commercial with Randall Park

HBO GO commercial with Randall Park

We keep seeing the commercial for HBO GO with Randall Park on TV. He plays the annoyed office worker, whose deskmate likes to talk into fans. Although he doesn’t say a word, Randall Park is getting lots of air time with the number of times this ads been played.

The story you could be watching is better than the one you’re in.

Randall Park has been in a lot of commercials. Most recently, he’s done Ally Bank and K-Y Intense.

HBO GO commercial with Randall Park

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  1. art kraft

    The idea that our society is producing a population of mind numbing clerks whos only escape is hyper reality coudn’t be illustrated more effectively. Adventurland is not adventure and movies are not real experiences. HBO is right there to free you of any accountability. How can we lie down and die like this?

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