Asian Mini Warbler performing Teenage Dream

Asian Mini Warbler performing Teenage Dream

Glee fans, check out this little Asian kid (Kellen Mirador Sarmiento) doing his best Warbler impression. The mini Warbler performs a his own cute version of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream by mimicking every Darren Criss move as best he can. Not only does he sing, but he dances too. (He’s got some tight moves.) To completely get into character, he suits up with his Warbler outfit, which he apparently wears day and night.

This little kid just might end up on the next Warblers album or even on Glee. What do you think about this Warbler in training?

Glee cast member (and Warbler) Telly Leung acknowledged the kids talents in a couple twitter posts.
His first tweet

Amazing! This kid has me fearing for my job. U should be nervous too, @DarrenCriss! haha! #cutestwarblerever

His second tweet:

Please check out this adorable mini-Warbler, singing Teenage Dream. I can’t handle it. The cuteness is killing me….

Update: Darren Criss sent his own tweet as well

I have been replaced. Blaine Anderson, move over… Putting us Warblers to shame, you handsome devil!

Asian Mini Warbler performing Teenage Dream

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2 thoughts on “Asian Mini Warbler performing Teenage Dream

  1. Roxy Miller

    This is definitely the little boy from the Glee Concert commercial. That is really the cutest thing.

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