Don’t Fall For Me by JR Aquino

Don't Fall For Me by JR Aquino

Singer JR Aquino (aka JRA) released a silky smooth new song “Don’t Fall For Me”. It’s a track about a guy that just wants to “have fun”. Nothing more. The R&B single is a little different from his usual acoustic originals like By Chance (You & I) and Handle with Care. Check out JRA cruising the Vegas casinos in the video.

Don’t Fall For Me by JR Aquino

Lyrics to Don’t Fall For Me by JR Aquino

Now I’m a sneak out
before the birds start chirpin’
before you wake up
cause I don’t want fuck up your heart
I’d rather leave this in the dark
I can hear your heartbeat knockin’ for me
when it really should be watching’ out for me
cause I know that I shouldn’t
or maybe I know that I wouldn’t

Take care of your heart girl we should wait
cause I know deep down inside I still wanna play

I’m just being real
take it or leave it baby
this is how I feel
not saying this isn’t meant to be

i know you don’t agree with the situation
you steady keep on contemplation’
if you should stay waiting
but just listen to me

Now I don’t wanna be held down cause I
can’t bear the thought of seeing you cry

and if you don’t either, I suggest you leave
and you’ll just leave it be
cause I just can’t

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