MC Showcase 2011 Cypher

For the past couple months, the MC Showcase 2011 Cypher has been circulating around some of the top YouTube rappers. Asian American rappers comprise a good part of the list much like the Here We Go Yall Cypher last year.

The MC Showcase 2011 so far include:

1. an0maly
2. Prince EA
3. Traphik
4. Alyssa Marie
5. D-Pryde
6. Dumbfoundead
7. Sahtyre
8. Lil Crazed
9. Just Kidding Films – Unco Same
10. Just Kidding Films – Joverdose
11. Herbal-T(next up)

We’ll keep updating the list as more artists get added to the chain. BTW – the beats for the can be found here.

MC Showcase 2011 Cypher Playlist

4 thoughts on “MC Showcase 2011 Cypher

  1. Thomas

    you don’t sign up, you have to be called out. an0m called out prince ea for him to be up next, he called out traphik, and so on, and so on.

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