Pull​.​Haul​.​Junkies. by JL x Manifest

Pull​.​Haul​.​Junkies. by JL x Manifest

Rappers JL and Manifest dropped their mixtape “Pull​.​Haul​.​Junkies.” The 14 track album ranges from hip hop to rock with rappers like like Jin, MYK, C-Note, and more. Each track has a unique style geared towards the artists along with a message. Here’s the track listing:

1 Tape Rock (ft. Lyricks) 03:07
2 5D (ft. Kohvito) 03:26
3 Halo (ft. MYK) 02:59
4 Bloodsport (ft. J-Smaals) 02:42
5 It Was Written (ft. Jin & Lyricks) 03:44
6 Manifest – Cloud 9 (ft. MYK) 03:23
7 Scarves (ft. Shepard & Petey-O) 03:48
8 Hostile (ft. Lyricks) 02:15
9 Medley (Blinded/Goin’ Away) 03:12
10 JL – Natural Born Killer 03:03
11 The Hustle (ft. MYK) 02:10
12 12/18/2011 3:19
13 Hey Virginia Part Two 02:57
14 Hourglass (ft. C-Note) 03:57

You can download the tracks for FREE below:

BTW – With the track “It Was Written”, Jin adds to the list of Asian American rappers on the A-List. Previously, he unleashed these songs: I Got My, The Reunion, Charlie Sheen, and Just Like You

Pull​.​Haul​.​Junkies. by JL x Manifest preview

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