Falsehood webseries directed by Kenneth Lui

Falsehood webseries directed by Kenneth Lui

Director Kenneth Lui created an interesting student film “Falsehood” back in 2001. The award-winning web series is a dark and modern tale of Red Riding Hood vs the Big Bad Wolf. (think Law & Order meets Animal Farm.) Here’s a synopsis:

Once upon a time, Little Bo Peep lost her sheep and was forced into early retirement. She blamed The Wolf for the slaughter of her sheep and was never allowed to tend sheep ever again. After that traumatic event, Bo Peep eventually grew up and became the best public defense lawyer in the land. Now she faces the most difficult case of her entire career: defending The Wolf in the infamous Red Riding Hood rape trial. Every pig, witch and princess anticipates the outcome of what has turned into the most controversial trial of all time.

This fantasy drama also played at the Cannes film festival. Pretty impressive for a student film. We look forward to more from director Kenneth Lui.

Falsehood webseries directed by Kenneth Lui (contains profanity)

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