Help fund The Blue Line

Help fund The Blue Line

Inspired by THE TOWN, THE DEPARTED, THE FIGHTER and THE BOSTON RED SOX, director Kevin Boston and his crew are looking to create a boston cop drama series, The Blue Line. In Boston, when a car has a sticker of a “blue line” on it’s window, you know he’s a cop! It’s passion project developed by a diverse ensemble of experienced/talented artist. They want to bring you an authentic show with many realistic twist/turns of true stories about Boston. Here’s more about the cop series:

In Boston you grow up with the most crooked of criminals as your best friends and can turn out to be the most loyal of lawmen with your brothers in blue. The line is so blurred that when you wake in the morning and look in the mirror you hardly recognize the boy you were or the man you’ve become. For Detectives Mak (David Yee), Briggs (Wes McGee), and Torres (Jorge-Luis Pallo) there are a lot of shades between black and white and they’re divided by The Blue Line.

Detective Mak fights with following in his crime lord father’s footsteps, Briggs struggles to keep up with his dying wife’s medical bills and Torres sinks into a co-dependent, addictive love affair. Will these champions of Boston’s Finest prevail over adversity or fall further into a world of depravity? These questions are answered in The Blue Line original series.

Learn more on how you can fund the project here. You even have a chance to become an Associate Producer.

You might recognize some of Kevin Boston’s work in the music video for Charlie Sheen by Traphik x Dumbfoundead x Jin and All The way Turnt up by JimmyBoi x Smitty.

The Blue Line trailer (contains profanity)

The Blue Line fundraising

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