Hiding Feelings by Nessa Rica

Hiding Feelings by Nessa Rica

In a last minute effort to help fund Nessa Rica’s EP album, the singer released a new original song “Hiding Feelings”. The track talks about how feelings could change when you get to know someone. She got singer/music producer Jesse Barrera to play the guitar as she sings. Not only is he in the video, but he’ll be working on Nessa’s upcoming album. More music coming from this collabo soon. Stay til the end of the video for what’s in store next.

Listen to some of her previous original songs including Don’t Go Please Stay and Always Love You. Some of her original songs will get the Jesse Barrera touch soon.

Hiding Feelings by Nessa Rica

Album version of Hiding Feelings by Nessa Rica

Lyrics to Hiding Feelings by Nessa Rica

Picked the furthest seat from you
To get a good view
From here it looks all clear
Clearly, there’s space between us two
A few bodies too
That seem to get in the way of you
Of you in my view

There’s movement
Room for improvement
Crossing you was not my intent
Timing is what I’m finding
Out instead of you just hiding feelings
And all the other things it brings, rings
Chimes a tune
This is your stop
Gone too soon

Took my time to study you
I knew what I had to do
Stuck comfortably, you grew on me
Turning girl into a lady
New eyes, these eyes now realize

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