Saving The World by Nessa Rica

Saving The World by Nessa Rica

Singer Nessa Rica has been working on her upcoming EP. She released a sneak peek with the single “Saving The World”. The upbeat track offer a positive message of a purpose driven life. The song follows her last release Hiding Feelings. Both songs and the EP are produced by Jesse Barrera. Look for the Nessa Rica’s album to drop soon.

Update: you can now get this song on Saving the World - Saving the World - Single.

Saving The World by Nessa Rica

Lyrics to Saving The World by Nessa Rica

Verse 1:
Take me away from this madness
Feels like im stuck in a maze
Wondering how to escape from this mess
Yes, i put on my cape,
Wear my most comfortable shoes
Don’t want to hear it, no excuses

Pardon me for sharing
Part of me is daring
Need to go right now

Cause i’m saving the world today
Fighting the fear away
Gotta hold up my head and say
It’s gonna be alright
Come to the rescue
Help me pull through
And bring me into life

Verse 2:
Some call it out of this world
But what i believe, is not what’s seen
But in someone who’s supreme
Yes, ask and receive
Faith is dead without deed
I’m gonna get up up on my feet

Life without purpose is worthless
And I’m in no position to fight
So I keep my guard up
My armor on
And I soldier on

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