Sushi to Slaughter : the Bluefin Tuna

Sushi to Slaughter

On a recent episode of Vanguard on Current TV, correspondent Adam Yamaguchi goes to Japan, Baja California and Cape Cod to track the powerful — and popular — Bluefin tuna. From Siberia to the Amazon, you can now get your sushi fix in some of the most remotest regions of the world. What was once one nation’s cuisine has, in a matter of 20 years, gone global. But the world’s insatiable appetite for sushi comes at a cost. Vanguard correspondent, Adam Yamaguchi, a ravenous sushi consumer since childhood, travels across the country and then across oceans as he explores the threat to his favorite delicacy. Due to its popularity, and thus overfishing, the creature credited with sourcing more sushi than any other, finds itself on the brink of extinction. Adam visits the famous Tsukiji fish market in his ancestral homeland of Japan, where the world’s best fish is bought and sold to the vendors from around the world. He also visits the nether regions of the country where leading edge research is underway in an effort to stave off impending doom: the disappearance of the Bluefin Tuna. The sought-after Bluefin tuna is among the most popular foods in the world — and the ocean’s supply of this commercially fished favorite is declining rapidly.

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Adam Yamaguchi is an adventurous eater. Previously, he indulged himself at a penis restaurant. What won’t this guy eat?

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