Where’d You Go? (Invisible People) by Model Minority

Where'd You Go? (Invisible People) by Model Minority

Rap group Model Minority (D-One, Grand Master Chu, Inglish) dropped a though provoking single “Where’d You Go?” The track addresses the concerns about the Texas State Board of Education removing references to things like the Japanese internment camps during WWII in US history books. The song is dedicated those who have struggled before us. Model Minority does a great job of informing and educating you about Asian American history. This July 4th weekend remember those that fought for Asian American right and independence in the US.

Where’d You Go? (Invisible People) is the lead track off their latest album “The Tiger Sons Tape”. It uses the instrumental from Fort Minor’s “Where’d You Go?”. Also listen to their track Vincent Chin. Both tracks can be downloaded FREE here.

Where’d You Go? (Invisible People) by Model Minority

Lyrics to Where’d You Go? (Invisible People) by Model Minority

This is our history, still is a mystery
Damn us Asian Americans are so finicky
Can we get 1 day in AP US history class?
I’m tired of this textbook and kissin its ass
Students oughta know somethin about us just to pass
80 percent go on to higher ed, yeah, that’s a fact
With youtube, we know we can feel cool
but nothing has changed from what we learn in high school
If it weren’t for that college elective that i took
I wouldn’t know shit but what laid in my text book
We’re more than opium wars and exclusions
More than pearl harbor, more than internments
In an odd place between cultures and races
How can we define this second generation?
In Asia, I’m American, in America i’m Asian
I stare into the mirror and see two faces why?

Grand Master Chu
Starin at their pictures, I’m pickin up my pen
I envision the struggles that my parents landed in
Prisons that held them in, cultures they didn’t understand
But they fought to make a home and assimilated in
Didn’t always know the words, but the dream was clear
In a land of freedom, they made a family here
,It wasn’t always easy but they persevered
And by the day I appeared, they had worked for years//
Pain, struggle, and tears, storms finally made clear
Because my generation grew up without fear
Of wars and conflicts tearing homes apart
But now it’s our turn to step up and take part
School boards and printers, they approved the choice
Of textbooks in which their stories have no voice
Thank you for fightin so that I was raised up
Now I’m gonna speak up and raise your names up
And I think it’s messed up, you’re Americans too
Everyone immigrated just like you, too
It’s not fair the way that my parents are viewed
Now I’m fighting so you don’t vanish into the blue, singin


Labeled a foreigner in my own land
The place of my birth, I’ll die here as a old man
On a bed in a house that I built with my own hands
Feeling blessed jess cuz I can own land
Damn why is my history displaced
In textbooks, why is it you never see my face?
Guess we’re all Chinese, never know my race
Growing up it’s like I could never see my place
But there’s progress, thought I’d never see the day
There’d be a black President, ascendant of the slaves
So my Asians I guess we waiting for our chance
For the American consciousness to invite us to dance
But we can’t hold our breathe so I’m in my fighting stance
Cuz we need to be proactive to stand a fighting chance
Let our ancestors be fairly represented
Should our contributions shine effervescent

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    DOPE TRACK, thanks for making this and reppin us ,i will be fowarding this track to all my homies and ask them to give it airplay !

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