Backseat Driver app by ToyToyota

Backseat Driver app by ToyToyota

Backseat Driver, the first product introduced by ToyToyota, is an iPhone application which allows users to enjoy driving from the back seat of their car. It is the world’s first mobile application that you can enjoy driving from the backseat of your car. You can take a virtual drive linked by GPS to your actual driving root.

The player controlling My Car follows Papa Car, whose moves mirror the route of the real car in which the player is riding, using the iPhone’s GPS functionality. By steering My Car left and right to follow Papa Car’s path and pick up objects, the player can score points. Backseat Driver offers the passenger a new way to enjoy the driving.

The route that you took will be saved automatically so that you can review it.

You can gain points by collecting the items Papa Car drops, and the Landmark Icons of shops and facilities that are from the real maps. After you gained some points, you can customize your car with your own designs. The designs of your car and the saved route you took can be shared via Twitter.

For iPhone users, you can download the app on Backseat Driver (TOYOTA) - TOYOTA MOTOR CORP..

Backseat Driver app by ToyToyota (English version)

Backseat Driver app by ToyToyota (Japanese version)

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