I’m Goin by FlowEthics

I'm Goin by FlowEthics

FlowEthics released a live version of the new track “I’m Goin”. The single talks about chasing dreams and never giving up. The group puts their heart and soul behind their music. It’s got a nice vibe to it. Look for this song to be available on their upcoming album “HeroesEnDeSkies”. Also check out their track Stay (Just a Little bit).

I’m Goin by FlowEthics

Lyrics to I’m Goin by FlowEthics

Verse 1 (Romen)
Tell em make them hits, boy I’m given em the combos/
I’ll pass it through your brain, you can smell it through your nostrils/
When they try to get Ruf like IO/
I make the “Debut” and keep em “Hook” like Basco/
So full throttle and bad like good models/
We pass em all up like now you follow/
The sound is so smooth hits ground and goes bronco/
Stealin center stage they clap and go “bravo”/

Pre-hook (Zanna)
When I get back up they kick me down/
And when my heart beat strong they rippin it out/
They shut me out like they don’t want me to shine/
So I tell em one day that things’ll change/
And I keep on moving towards the day/
When I look em in the eyes and say/

Hook (Zanna)
Sit back and watch me touch the sky/
I can’t help what I feel inside/
And you know that you can’t deny/
Me, from what I’ve known all along/
I’m goin to where I belong/

Verse 2 (T)
Learn how to work, I’ll teach you to succeed/
How you expect to get your cut, when you don’t know how to bleed?/
Big talk doesn’t amount to anything you achieve/
And when all is said and done, Imma still be in the lead/
I got that finish line flow for you suckers at the start, who/
Brought the running shoes, but forgot to bring the heart, you/
Always tryna win, it’s too bad that you forgot to/
Realize that the winners never run, cause they don’t got to/

Verse 3 (sDot)
I remember every voice and comment/
Saying we can’t make it, I just take it as nonsense/
Cause they don’t know my team and how strong the bonds is/
Cause they don’t know my past and how strong my mom is/
Anyone can rap, but puttin heart in your songs is/
Somethin I don’t see often, this is music you get lost in/
So let go, and let the world know who the boss is/

Pre-hook (Zanna)
Hook (Zanna)