Clash of the Titans by JL x Manifest

Clash of the Titans by JL x Manifest

Rappers JL x Manifest join together for the single “Clash of the Titans” off the upcoming Murdertown EP by JL. The pair add a mythological element to the track as they take you on a lyrical adventure. With their music, they look to have a colossal following “it’s time to light it up, then we pass the torch, now the fires growing”. Follow them on their hip hop voyage.

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Clash of the Titans by JL x Manifest

Lyrics to Clash of the Titans by JL x Manifest

A super saiyan cruising through an oompa loompa land
now who complaining? lose my cool and you the dudes i’m slayin’
before i use my hands, you freezin up – medusa trance
you only seein red like 3D glasses with no blue saran
what i do for fans.. man i’m too advanced but i’m real while you pretend
i told you before when we kill it we do it with ease, every track is proof we can
upgraded computer ram, and i’m strong like the hoover damn, give who a damn?
and i’m newer than a newborn out the womb first time consuming air

I’m maneuvering
Zoomin right past em laughing
Castin a shadow over their wack rappin tactics
after I splash massive vats of acid
I’ve mastered torture methods
Past a force to reckon wid
Craftin sorcerer hexes
Corpses infected order an Exorcist
Leaving they heads spinning beginnin wid killen em off, slowly
Spittin it venomous gettin inventive
Til all the listeners all, know me
Spun from a different cloth
Come wid a imminent force bringing it sickin than Vick when he’s sickin a dog, to get at a different dog

steadily bringing the raw..
i’m taking a look at the little competitors, think for a second then cripple em all
leaving em limpin and all, finished it over ridiculous symphony scores

Wid infinite bars to rip it pick em apart
Spit it wid limitless heart

we did it for y’all, typing or write with a pen that you dipping the ink in a jar

Nobody thinking as hard as the Beautiful Cycle and doin it truthful as us
Givin u food for ya guts
We been given a future that musically few could adjust

if you were like us, spotting a rapper would spark you to see em as who you could crush

But U would get stuck and u wouldn’t be able to move and u woulda been given it up

what we doin now
it’s back and forth
its time to light it up
then we pass the torch
now the fires growing
u feel it at ur door
so where you think you goin
you comin back for more

And we here to supply it raw
Providin a high u could die from
try it and buy it all
hittin u harder than Ken and then Ryu’s fireballs
dissolving u quicker than alcohol in styrofoam
ur fires gone, while mine is steadily rising gettin up high my bars maniacal
im spaced out. leavin these rappers in baggies like it was some take out
i breaks down, their bodies to bone and then all of its thrown in a lake now
it may sound, a little bit vicious, but thats how it is
this lyrically gettin to business
and then ur a victim and ur swimmin wid fishes

who i see? is not you. my posse, colossal.
we great whites to macos, we way cold, but fuego
the titans, we got your back like tight ends,
had the game inside our palms but now our grip has tightened
snapping you out of your mindstate, thanking me later but not drake
you’ll never be eating from my plate, you got 8’s but got ate
now watch J…L sharing the entree, (it’s all day)
what i play is high stakes, might as well bet it on us so people why wait?

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