It’s All Good (TO’s Diner) music video by Triangle Offense

It's All Good (TO's Diner) music video by Triangle Offense

Rap group Triangle Offense released their song “It’s All Good (TO’s Diner)” earlier this year. Now the group has released a music video for the Tom’s Dinner inspired track. They go worldwide with shots from the Phillipines to the USA. Follow them from the studio to the stage to their local apparel shop. You can download the track FREE below:

You can also catch these guys performing at 2011 Kollaboration New York. Also look for their “The First Love” mixtape coming soon.

It’s All Good (TO’s Diner) music video by Triangle Offense

Lyrics to It’s All Good (TO’s Diner) music video by Triangle Offense

I know where it’s gonna..where I gotta say it

Verse: Pwol
“Oh, it’s you!” I said, “Who?”
“What they tell me must be true,
they say you’re just about as arrogant
as everybody knew.” So I am!
Handsome, flashy, random
And I think we make quite the tandem
I’m nearly perfect, you’re quite demanding
But until you come to that understanding
We can’t be, can’t you see
Baby, what’s your man gotta do with me?
I’m so much better, guaranteed
I’m him times 10 to the nth degree
Plus 1, that’s if I had you
And I will, shit, you be killing it
I don’t care if you be feeling it
Take you from him for the thrill of it

Tell me what you like, I could keep a secret (Yea)
Where you wanna go? Who you wanna be with? (Huh?)
What you wanna have? Nah, I ain’t the average (Nah)
Tell me what you want, baby, you can have it
It’s all good, it’s all good
Mamma say, maco saw, it’s all good (Hey)
It’s all good, it’s all good
What’s mine is yours, baby, it’s all good

Verse: Sci
Can’t turn my swag off, so I don’t get my swagger on
I am on another level, I just get my bragger on
Show it and I prove it, I don’t get my chatter on
You can learn from the kid, Doogie Howser tag along
Flight strip, red eye overnight trips
Dogs fighting over money, call that shit the “Mike Vick”
We never in a drought, let it rain around here
Paper, keep it eco-friendly, share the green around here
So baby, bring your team behind the rope
We could make a quiet exit, you and me elope
What you want, I got it, tell ya man to stop it
Copper Pennys on my feet, his are in his pocket
May, we, kick a little something for the
Ladies, please don’t be shy, girl
I see you, show me that you want it
Whatever your dreams are, I could make you live in it, I promise


Verse: Bry
See for a second, I thought you left your man home
Now I know you came alone, looking for a man grown
Fit your criteria? Well, girl, maybe
But I ain’t finna make any chick my baby
First off you thinking (Conceited…asshole!)
All of my haters stay heated and bashful
Yet they stay jocking my steelo apparel
Cause beating me’s a long shot, Danilo Gallo
I be like “Oh yea, mami, if you wanna
Start a party, go and poke your thing!”
And if you winding it slow, please let your boy know
Where and when we could take this fling
Come on, babygirl, come and walk with me
I know you know about the haters stalking me
Funny thing is they never would talk to me
They just sit and they stare while I live without a care – HA!


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