Judenith by Kevin Kaho Tsui

Judenith by Kevin Kaho Tsui

Singer Kevin Kaho Tsui dropped his latest Beatles inspired track “Judenith”. The song is dedicated to Judenith and the inspiration she gives. Unfortunately, this is his last solo song under the name ‘Kevin Kaho Tsui’. But don’t worry, he’s working with a new group called ‘The Bees’. Stay tuned to find out more.

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Judenith by Kevin Kaho Tsui

Lyrics to Judenith by Kevin Kaho Tsui

Casting shadows on my hands, whispers of your little English accent echoes in my head
Remember this song will fill the air in your times of trouble, speak your mind up & confessing all your blues
I believe in you so always remember when battle ships are sailing closer

Hey Judenith, please don’t wake me up from all these fantasy
Refuse to let it go from all these broken dreams
My faith in you beneath the clouds will shine like a sparkling star

Destiny was chosen long ago, now it’s up to you to make it real
I can’t contain these feeling one day on stage we’ll sing along to this song,
and as the beat goes on I’ll see your smile, and your man will be so proud
I certainly believe that fame will fly your way, just be yourself and listen to me say

1 thought on “Judenith by Kevin Kaho Tsui

  1. daewooparts

    nice ! i enjoy kevin’s music even though asian hiphop is my core music , i am going to miss his solo work ,but i know he will do well in his new group “THE BEES” ,i am proud of Kevin , i been following his music sence he been posting them up on youtube years ago,he came a long was from doing covers in his room to a really good artist who produces “ORIGINALS” and he does a great job on them too,i am also glad to be good friends with him too, i wish him the very best with “the bees” and i fully back him on this !!

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