Show Me Where Ya Noms At by SongsToWearPantsTo x Hannah Hart

Show Me Where Ya Noms At by SongsToWearPantsTo x Hannah Hart

Singers SongsToWearPantsTo x Hannah Hart dropped the comedic track “Show Me Where Ya Noms At”. It’s a food fest for the duo from the kitchen to the supermarket. Not only can these to sing, but they also show you how quickly they can rap. The pair deliver a tasty musical treat across the culinary spectrum. Where Ya Noms At?

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Show Me Where Ya Noms At by SongsToWearPantsTo x Hannah Hart

Behind the scenes of Show Me Where Ya Noms At

Lyrics to Show Me Where Ya Noms At by Songs To Wear Pants To x Hannah Hart

well i’m a cereal killer
like my ice with vanilla
and i always take my meats dried

we need to have a serious taco
don’t touch these chips, they nachos
well i don’t even really mind
(why not)

’cause i got a chip on my shoulder
i guess i’m getting older
your sweet is turning into a spice

so let’s go and get some curry
nobody’s in a hurry
watch out, i’ll put my white on your rice

you know i never stop nommin’
put spaghetti in my chow mein
lock it down with a key lime (pie)

now this track is straight urban
we better put some herbs in
you know that it’s about thyme

for you to show me where your noms at
show me where your noms at
baby gotta palm that

ice cream cheesecake batter up
fatten up, saddle up
if you’re with me, can i have a what?
what! whatcha do with your favorite food
i boast the most toast and got that gravy too
i’ve got no ice here around my neck
but i’ve got spice that’ll make you sweat
so play nice ‘cuz you better better bet
i’m not quite finished yet
now let me double this, you could be covetous
of my bread butter being how i come up with this
but the trouble is, nobody gets
cooking like me, just show me where the oven is
loving this drunk in this kitchen best
cutting up some of this chicken breast
rubbing it up and then down
shove it in now at 350, press start
and then we chill until it’s done
where’s my drank? baby you wait and just maybe i’ll get you another one
it’s such phenomeNOM, join us fu’tha nomathon
think of it as the opposite of when you stop nutrition like it’s ramadan
gotta get your nomming on while i’m dropping bombs to the calmest song
i’m dancing with hannah eating bananas like she’s donkey kong
let’s have a food fight, it’s morsel combat
i see your cream pie on a plate and raise you a straw hat
i’m like a wombat, just wanna get all fat
so if you want that, show me where your noms at


I’ve got some fantasies
and they all involve the cheese
girl it’s you and me
and I wanna please
with my gouda swiss and havartis

oh baby just wait and see
i’ll shred cheddar like it’s real money
it’ll be so cheesy, just lemon squeezy
when it’s you and me


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