Asian Eyelid Surgery : Erase Your Race? on The Doctors

Asian Eyelid Surgery : Erase Your Race? on The Doctors
The syndicated TV series The Doctors tackled the controversial topic of Asian eyelid surgery in today’s episode. Jeannie Mai, host of Style Network’s HOW DO I LOOK?, sits down with the co-hosts to discuss the controversy behind the “Asian Eyelid” procedure to Westernize Eyes, that is creating rifts in the Asian community as more and more women and men opt for the surgery that gives their eyes a more Western look. The video below also offers a graphic presentation of how the surgery is done. Props to Jeannie Mai for being on the show. Here’s more about the episode featuring Asian Eyelid Surgery : Erase Your Race? on The Doctors:

Would you alter your ethnic features if given the chance?

Janine, a 22-year-old of Asian decent, says she feels that bigger eyes are more beautiful. Surgeon of Asian plastic surgery Dr. Charles Lee widens Janine’s eyes with a double eyelid surgery. Janine also undergoes a rhinoplasty and chin implant to balance out her features. See Janine in the operating room.
“Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is the most-requested treatment by Asian-American patients,” Dr. Ordon says.

Approximately half of all Asian people are born with mono-lids or a “single eyelid” without a crease. The eyelid surgery is a one-hour procedure that creates a natural-looking fold in the eyelid to give it a larger, rounder appearance. The patient is first given local anesthesia, then a small amount of excess skin on the lid, tissue beneath the lid and fat pads are removed. Recovery time is approximately six weeks and the results are permanent.

Dr. Lee and Janine join The Doctors one week after the surgery, and Janine says she’s happy with her results. “I look more alert and outgoing,” she says.

Host of Style Network’s How Do I Look?, Jeannie Mai, who is also of Asian descent, does not advocate eyelid surgery. “I really love the shape of my eyes,” she says. “The surgery is polluting our culture. Every single person was made to be completely individual.”

“When I see [Jeannie] right now, I see big eyes and eyelash extensions to make your eyes look even bigger,” Dr. Lee retorts. “The only difference is, I’m using a knife and you’re using makeup.” “I like the different styles I can acheive through makeup,” Jeannie responds. “I can make my eyes five times bigger than they are now [without surgery.]”

Cindy, 19, recently underwent the double eyelid procedure as well. She says she is so pleased with the results that she plans on having it done again to widen her eyes further. “I am an Asian-American, and my pressure [to undergo the surgery] came from Asian culture, not Western culture,” she says. “The point wasn’t to fix my sleepy-looking eyelids, but more of the obligation to look pretty for my Asian counterparts.

“If you put a picture of Caucasian eyes next to Asian eyes, they are completely different,” Cindy adds. “The double eyelid surgery given to most patients is to flatter the Asian eye. We see it as getting a prettier, softer look. We’re not trying to Westernize our eyes.”

“Whatever you decide to do, you have to do your homework,” Dr. Ordon says. “Since it is surgery, there is the potential for complications. Make sure it’s a board-certified surgeon who specializes in the type of plastic surgery you want to have done.”

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3 thoughts on “Asian Eyelid Surgery : Erase Your Race? on The Doctors

  1. Lucy

    I hate the fact that all the American shows I´ve seeing discussing about this, end up with the innocent “you should not change your appearence to change your ethnicity”. It is reasonable, of course, but it is still very important to understand the other point of view.

    People getting this double eyelid surgery don´t want to lose their Asian traits. Many want to look like the Asians with double eyelids. Not every single Asian has monolids, there are Asians with double eyelids as well. Remember Asia is huge and that´s why the population is vastly diverse. So again, they are not trying to look Caucasian, not at all. Of course, there might be people who want to look Caucasian, but in my opinion, that was decades before. Society has changed, Asian American´s perception of beauty has also changed.

    So, what I am trying to say is that the main problem isn´t about the double eyelid surgery, it´s about cosmetic surgery in general. People who go under the knife might not be 100% satisfied with their physical appearance, but may after having surgery. The importance of cosmetic surgery is relative. It might improve some people´s lives, it might not to other people. It depends to what extent you are taking the cosmetic surgery.

  2. Thuy

    It’s quite offensive actually. It’s egocentric on white people’s part to believe that every Asian want to be white or westernized. People want bigger larger eyes. People have used makeup to make their eyes larger not smaller. C’mon between having the choice of having big eyes or small eyes which would you choose? The overall segment on the doctors was unfair and pitiful and without understanding for someone’s personal choice. And as for Jeannie Mai, she’s all talk and no walk.

  3. Lenny

    White people think everyone wants to look white. I love big eyes but I don’t want to look white. In fact I think many Latin and Black people are way more beautiful than white people. I mean, look at Beyonce, J Lo, Rihanna, Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Eva Longoria, Adriana Lima etc. I think they are way more beautiful than white people.
    Besides, the last time I checked other races had double eyelids. Don’t blacks, latinos, Indians and half of East Asian people have wide eyes and double eyelids? How then is blepharoplasty a “Western” thing. How is having a double eyelid a “white” thing. Jesus! These people are ridiculous

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