Lost Years documentary series on Chinese Canadians

Lost Years documentary series on Chinese Canadians

A few years back in the US, you may remember a Bill Moyers documentary series “Becoming American: The Chinese Experience,” which chronicled the dramatic story of struggle and triumph, progress and setbacks, discrimination and assimilation for Chinese Americans. Director Kenda Gee created an equivalent version for Chinese Canadians called “Lost Years”.

LOST YEARS is an epic documentary touching upon 150 years of the Chinese diaspora in Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia, covering four generations of racism as revealed through the journey and family story of Kenda Gee. Based on over 12 years of research and two years in the making. A timely and timeless journey from the world’s diverse regions that unravels injustice on an international stage, “Lost Years” follows the exodus and turbulent history of China’s diaspora as witnessed through the digital inter-leafing of three successive Chinese-Canadian generations. The journey begins in old China in 1910 and concludes with the movement to embrace redress as a concept of social justice in the modern world of Canada and New Zealand, exactly one century later. An epoch that delivers an important message, namely, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Listen to filmmakers Kenda Gee and Tom Radford talk about Lost Years

If you’re in Canada look for a national broadcast of LOST YEARS on CBC TV in early 2012.

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  1. Lost Years

    CBC TV National Telecast (PREMIERE)


    Episode 1 (of 2) – The Loh Wah Kiu
    Absolutely Canadian

    Live Times:

    1:00 PM – ATLANTIC
    12 PM – EASTERN
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    Lost Years – A Documentary Mini-Series about the Chinese Diaspora
    CBC TV National Telecast (Premiere)

    Saturday, February 18, 2012: 9 AM (Pacific)

    Tune into CBC TV for a television special premiere (2 part mini-series with EP 1 on Feb 18th) on Absolutely Canadian, showcasing the best Canadian Documentaries

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