Super Dope by Lil Crazed

Super Dope by Lil Crazed

Rapper Lil Crazed released the music video for his single “Super Dope” off his Chapter 3 : Liberation Mixtape. In the video, he explains why he’s super dope. Without a backing of a record label, he’s already toured Australia and is about to hit the UK. Check his flow as he raps in an alley with his DJ spinning in the back. Cope the track FREE off his Chapter 3 : Liberation Mixtape. Stay till the end for a teaser for his next video “Remember Me”.

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Super Dope by Lil Crazed (contains explicit lyrics)

Lyrics to Super Dope by Lil Crazed

~mr. supercalifragilisticexpialiDOPE-SH*T,
the culprit to murdering verses, plenty assortments
a person of importance, VIP,
notorious for being glorious, i’m BIG
see i be, the dude your girl be eyeing,
she know that i’m incredible minus the neon green,
word, i like them jeans on her,
and if u aint careful, i’ma put my genes in her,
word, i’m on fire but never terminated,
but if you bugging then buddy you get exterminated
i bring that crack with a cape on it, super dope
it’s like im uneducated, i got a stupid flow,
in the studio, making movies that make you “ou” and “oh”
and you losers booing, you get carried out like food to go
i refuse to go, and that’s just fine,
because i’m, because i’m, because i’m, because i’m

~ever since the presence of a pen in my adolescence
i’ve been eating beats again and again with a real high metabolism
hence the reason the kid still skin and bones,
but i’m a beast (obese) with these beats, shit it’s like i weigh 600 pounds,
listen now, my vision and mission is still to diminish foes,
rippin a session in the studio, homie lip locking your chick is old,
but as she touching on me, no typical physical
she can see me sonning dudes in the future, i got crystal balls,
miss dear cleo,
will tell you all that i am this year’s Neo,
cuz I’m the one, and you know, i know, we know that numbers don’t lie,
i’m the truth, and if you wanna know why
then keep hating homie, can’t hold me your threats are minimal,
i got a hard drive, western digital,
and my mac (mack) skills are impeccable,
i can use a pro tool to make ya chick silencio

~yeah i’ma k.i.d, you haters embryos
major league flow you bozos aint even semi pro,
i don’t need to see a SET to ready go, f*ck ’em,
give me a beat and get punk’d like demi moore’s husband,
keep the track running, like Cross Country
i keep my tracks running across countries
toured in Australia, next move is UK,
all this commenced off of youtube plays,
so imagine what would happen if i had a major backing,
but it’s clear that i don’t need a major to make something major happen,
fans still clapping, so to y’all i’m raising my glass,
and haters are like constipation, a pain in the ass,
pause that, okay, play back the rewind,
fans give me credit, and haters getting declined,
mad i get their felines and they just get their peace signs,
cuz i’m about to redecorate interior designs

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