The One and Only with Min-Ho Lee : Episode 1

The One and Only with Min-Ho Lee : Episode 1

First, Toyota imported virtual pop diva Hatsune Miku to sell the Toyota Corolla in US Market. Now, the Japanese car maker is leveraging the global popularity of Korean television dramas. The concept behind the Asian American campaign aims to use award-winning South Korean actor Lee Min Ho, a rising sensation throughout Asia, as the main star alongside the 2012 Toyota Camry.

In a sea of mid-sized cars, the reinvented seventh-generation Camry stands out as “The One and Only.” It’s a fitting title for the campaign itself. In the compelling storyline, Lee plays a character Joon whose journey is dynamically linked to the many features of the Camry. “The One and Only” campaign is a complete, multi-platform and multi-language undertaking that will be seen across TV, print, digital, social media and more. Viewers can expect the full story to unfold in a four-part web series, with each episode highlighting a different aspect of the Camry, including the optional Entune multimedia entertainment system, a “Best in class” MPG rating, the advanced Blind Spot Monitor, and 10 standard airbags.

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Our hero, Joon, suddenly rises from a coma. He has no idea who or where he is. All he has are the keys to his 2012 Toyota Camry. When he gets inside, something triggers a flood of images from his past. Then, when he uses the Camry’s Entune system, a key memory sets him on his journey.

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The One and Only with Min-Ho Lee : Episode 1 (English subtitled)

The One and Only with Min-Ho Lee : Episode 1 (Mandarin subtitled)

2 thoughts on “The One and Only with Min-Ho Lee : Episode 1

  1. Laura

    Entune was a huge waste of my money in my 2012 Camry. Only good thing is backup rmceaa shows on dashboard screen and not in tiny rear view mirror like past rmceaas. It requires me to burn up phone data minutes while driving. Requires me to take eyes off road to use touch screen. If using cell phones while driving is deemed bad, using touch screen Entune is no different. My portable Nuvi GPS is more accurate for finding routes and facilities. Plugging my i-pod into car gets my music choices. I do not recommend Entune!!!

  2. Carol

    I love this commercial, and I LOVE Min ho lee more. I wish it was a real movie, and if so where can I see it/

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