Baby I’m with the Band by Margaret Cho

Baby I'm with the Band by Margaret Cho

Comedian Margaret Cho released another music video off her “Cho Dependent” album. Her latest video is for the single “Baby I’m with the Band”. She shares some of her tour footage at Bonnaroo. Here’s more about the single:

I wrote the song with Brendan without actually meeting him. I had been a longtime fan of his solo work as well as The Raconteurs, and so I was thrilled when he said yes to this collaboration. I wanted to write a kind of a Pamela Des Barres groupie jam – and I had just read Pattie Boyd Harrison’s book ‘Wonderful Tonight’ which is all about her life in the rock and roll 60s and 70s and her marriages to George Harrison and Eric Clapton. I have spent my own time on a tour bus, and I have a pretty good understanding of what it feels like to be a rock wife.

See her previous music videos off the album including Asian Adjacent, Captain Cameltoe, Intervention, Eat Sh*t and Die, I’m Sorry, Lice, and Hey Big Dog.

Baby I’m with the Band by Margaret Cho

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