Late Night Creep by Boombox Saints

Late Night Creep by Boombox Saints
Boomboz Saints released a music video for their song “Late Night Creep” off their Bringin’ The Boom Back EP. Consisting of Freeky P, Adlib, Huggy Fresh and DJ Relik these multi-faceted artists have an uncanny ability to capture the attention of anyone within earshot of their music and create fans with their own brand of Hip Hop & R&B infused Pop. Late night freaks coming out on this silky & sultry single. Keep your late night creep on the down low. You can download the track for FREE here.

Late Night Creep by Boombox Saints

Lyrics to Late Night Creep by Boombox Saints

Used to be down for the late night creep
Now tell me what happened to my late night freak
Now there’s all this talk about you being with me
So tell me what does down low mean to you?
Cause if I’m hearing that they hearing, it’s true
That you be telling people all the things we do
Come on shorty you know that ain’t cool
Now tell me, what happened to my late night creep

1st Verse:
2:45 in the morning
And I’m feeling kinda lonely
And the only one I’m thinkin bout it is you
So you, you I be calling

604 305 3039
(You can call me late night, you can call me any time and when you come by
We can do the Freeky things you like)
Pick up the phone please pick up the phone
Cause I don’t wanna be all alone.. no

There’s gotta be something wrong cause usually you’d be at my door. Oh
Maybe it’s the things you said, maybe it’s the things I did. Oh
Maybe it’s the way we act, either way baby where you at??
I need to know.


2nd Verse
I’m spending the night, drinking it up
Bit of a buzz but I’m nice
Henny and Hypno what I go sip on
Swirl in my glass with some ice
I’m feeling enticed from female
Who gotta be up in my scene
With legs like lines or ice
I gotta go see in between
My visions a little blurry
Still I’m stepping to shorty
I gotta go do this for myself
Cause aint nobody gon’ do it for me
Confident my swagger soaring gentleman game according
But I’m seeing 2 or maybe 3, champion mode like Jordan
The club be closing at 3 I’m checkin the time it’s 2 and a half
For all you math majors, that’d be 30 to chit chat
In addition to all that I’d be sweeping her by the bar
Call it a cheap move or magical touch abracadabra
Switching scenes from the club to the car to crib
From the kitchen to the couch to the mattress oh sssh
Couldn’t help but notice I’m rubbing her down with lotion
Indecent creepin’ pleasing in the evening here I go in, I go in

(Chorus 2x)

Creep, creep, creep
What happened to my late night creep

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