My Dear by Melissa Polinar

My Dear by Melissa Polinar

Singer Melissa Polinar released her song “My Dear”. It’s a soulful and sultry track that will be used fro an upcoming project. Here’s more about the single:

My friend Jeff Bernat requested if I could write a song for a project he’s recording (about to be released Dec. 1) few months back. This is the song that I came up with and his version will be out soon (so check it out when it does!). This track is the demo track I did but I also added more background vocals. So yes, it’s yours for free! Go download it NOW! Shout out to J Cowell for playing the keys and co-creating this song with me.

Hope y’all enjoy.

You can download the track for FREE below:

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My Dear by Melissa Polinar

Lyrics to My Dear by Melissa Polinar

There comes a time
when all the games get old
and all the thrill they have are gone
tired of the run around
and there comes a time when
you just want to feel love’s sweet sound
cliche but I love you
so glad that I found you

when the days get long
i long to be right next to you
when the nights were cold
the thought of you pulls me through
but right now i’m just glad you’re here
I’m just glad you’re here, my dear
don’t ever leave my side

being with you in not a waste
happily ever after is our fate
you’ve been the one that i’ve been looking for
so glad i found you
cliche but i love you