Senior Letter by Lily Bee

Senior Letter by Lily Bee

Singer Lily Bee released an acoustic video of her song “Senior Letter”. The video was filmed at Oxford Academy, her old high school. Here’s more about her song:

Back in my senior year of high school, our English teacher Ms. Lutz had us write letters to ourselves, to be opened in 5 years. “I’ll mail it to you in five years,” she told us. I dismissed it as busy work, finished the assignment, and never thought about it again

Lo and behold, five years later (last year) when I was living in Maryland, the letter somehow found its way to me. I have no idea how.

Reading over my own words from 5 years back put me in a very reflective mood, which inspired this song. Here’s to growing up, living, learning, and staying true to yourself.

You can get the song on Senior Letter - Daydream at Midnight or amazon.

She’ll also be on tour soon. Find out more on her Kickstarter.

Senior Letter by Lily Bee

Lyrics to Senior Letter by Lily Bee

I found a letter from yesterday
Written five years ago in the month of May
From me, from little old me
I scanned the paragraphs in ballpoint pen
And made a point to read them over again
Carefully just to see

I read through my old words
Even though it sounds absurd
My life in retrospect, well, it gave me cause to smile
I wrote

Do you listen to the same old songs?
Do you still sing along in the dark?
Do you still follow you heart?
Are you laughing with the same old friends?
Have you lost or found your Zen?
Did you ever make that change?
Oh, I hope you made that change.
The only thing constant is change

The view is clearer now from twenty-two
Can’t say I’m any closer to the truth
But we’ll see, yes we’ll see
No one told my life’s a one-way street
No changing plans, not even changing seats
Not now, no not now



Even in this ordinary life
There’s so much magic between the lines
I hope I don’t miss out on anymore this time


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