Wings Up by D-Pryde

Wings Up by D-Pryde

Rapper D-Pryde released his latest music video “Wings Up”. It’s time to throw your wings up and not care about the negatives. He soars with his multichromatic lit video, which he hot himself with a GoPro Hero camera, Here’s more about the song from D-Pryde:

“Wings Up” is gonna be about just being you and doing things you want to do! Whether its working a job, or hangin’ with friends! You always got to be on the go with life, life is too short to be negative and staying in one place. Throw them wings up and be fun. So everytime I’m doin something, I’ma tweet it and add “wings up” and take a picture of where I’m at throwin’ it up. ‘Cause I’m just cool.

You can download the song FREE here.

Be sure to listen to his Mars mixtape with songs like Ready to Go, Outro Flow and Big Shot.

Wings Up by D-Pryde

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