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Parks+Rec EP by Adam WarRock Parks+Rec EP by Adam WarRock Elavil Mg. source site Elavil Buy. see url Buy Viagra Best Price. source url Elavil 10. valutahandel Nerdcore rapper Adam WarRock remixed some popular tracks with a Parks+Rec theme. The 3-track EP is inspired from the love of his favorite show, Parks and Recreation. Songs include Waka Flocka Swanson, Knope 2012, and Entertainment 720 (a nod to Tom Haverford’s nightclub). If you’re also a fan of the show, you’ll love these songs.

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Powerhouse Episode 10 with Timothy Delaghetto

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Green Goblin by TheAtticGenesis

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Green Goblin by TheAtticGenesis (contains explicit lyrics)

About [the]ΛtticGenesis:

[the]AtticGenesis aims to deliver a diverse array of talents in Music and Visual Arts.
After thorough self-development since their humble beginnings in 2007 as TheAyeGame, the team has explored newer methods to further themselves, first on personal level then collectively as a group, so as to reformat the identity of their craft and forging a new, more impactful impression on others.
Venturing deeper into the complex medium of conveying ideas and interpreting them the way they know best, TheAtticGenesis is set on fabricating their edgy signature sound and conceptual art pieces into an assembly of creative expressions that they wish to share with the rest of the world.

Asian Americans Helping Janet Liang

Asian Americans Helping Janet Liang

Since the video of Janet Liang pleading to find a perfect match for a bone marrow donor, Asian American artists have released videos to support her in her fight against acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Entertainers like Kina Grannis, Victor Kim, Wong Fu Productions, Far East Movement, Kevjumba, and Ryan Higa have stepped up to the plate to promote the need for bone marrow donors in the Asian American community. Previously, Project Michelle received similar support from the community as well. The crew loves seeing the APA community helping one another.

update: Jeremy Lin shows his support on Facebook and twitter.

Please visit these websites to learn more about bone marrow transplants, registering to become a donor, and joining Janet Liang’s cause:

International Secret Agents (ISA) crew (Wong Fu Productions, Far East Movement, Kevjumba, and Ryan Higa)

Free Your Mind by Victor Kim x Dumbfoundead

Kina Grannis on VH1 : Kina Issues A Plea For Bone Marrow Donation

Run Fly Fall by Paul J. Kim

Run Fly Fall by Paul J. Kim

Singer Paul J. Kim released a music video for his song “Run Fly Fall”. Shot in the cities of San Francisco and Los Gatos, CA, the video follows two individuals with intertwining lives. Dealing with life’s ups and downs is challenging. Sometime we run, fly, and fall, but faith, hope and love will carry us through. You can get the song on Run Fly Fall - Run Fly Fall or amazon.

Run Fly Fall by Paul J. Kim

Run Fly Fall by Paul J. Kim

Lyrics to Run Fly Fall by Paul J. Kim


i run, i fly i fall, and my heart hits the wall
i know, faith – love – and hope, will never die…

[verse 1]

empty shells, sex sells, at the toll of the bells
lost dreams, i’ve seen the woman at the well
she’s convinced no prince will ever pass her by
another night, another stranger,
and tears fill her eyes

i’ve seen the obscene when love no longer means
what it meant to the innocent heart now past tense
past healing, life’s dealing unexplainable blows
to the young who are numb from tragedy and woe

so many people driving down the street
but don’t know where life is going
cos the gps ain’t showin’ that there’s more
the question could it be
that life is more than me
but he/she/we, can we call it family
let love… heal this home


[verse 2]

love past blacktops, buildings and sidewalks
past prejudice, rivalries, and racist talk
past memories, we are healed when we forgive
holding onto hatred is a painful way to live

i need a definition, not another “love” song
so many singers have no clue
to what’s really going wrong
you can’t give, what you don’t have
stop calling lust, love… you really make me mad

and yet sad for you, because if what you sing is true
than it’s like dumpster diving and calling it real food
watch the news for the clues
cos hearts turn black and blue
from the trauma of the drama
but i’m bored, what’s new?

i don’t have time to cry, or give a compassionate sigh
cos i’m programmed to live at the speed of the wi-fi

slow down… slow down… slow down…

and let your feet touch the ground
slow down… slow down… slow down…



i see a people… hungry for truth, truth and love
i hear the sound… of hearts beating anew

of hearts beating anew for you, for you, for you


I Love Lucy music video by Big Phony

I Love Lucy music video by Big Phony

Singer Big Phony released the official music video for his single “I Love Lucy“. His video offers a blend of black & white and color for each time frame for the song. The single talks about a girl who gets cheated on by the wrong guy and copes by watching episodes of “I Love Lucy.” It’s a heartbreaking track about the ups and downs of love. You can get the song on I Love Lucy - Kicking Punching Bags or amazon.

I Love Lucy music video by Big Phony